The 10 best hikes in Zion National Park (Map Included)

The 10 best hikes in Zion National Park (Map Included) by BoozingAbroad
Looking for the best hikes in Zion National Park? Zion National Park is a nature lover’s dream with nearly 150,000 acres of natural beauty everywhere you look, such as 2,000-foot sandstone cliff walls, canyons that go on for miles and miles, waterfalls, rivers, and a thriving ecosystem that is home to over 800 plant and flower species which can make for some awesome photography!

While hiking in Zion might be one of the most popular activities to do in the area, there are plenty of other activities as well like camping, stargazing, rock climbing, taking a scenic drive, and much more.

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About Zion National Park

about zion national park
Mormon settlers arrived in southwest Utah in the 1860s and couldn’t believe the sheer beauty that laid in front of them. So, they decided to name the park “Zion” which roughly translates to “paradise” or “refuge.” 

Zion National Park was established in 1919 and has been an extremely popular tourist destination ever since, with visitors looking to do some of the best hikes in Zion. The park currently receives a whopping 4.5 million visitors a year, making it one of the most visited parks in the United States.

Where to stay in Zion National Park? 

In the Park

Staying in Zion National Park is extremely easy, with three different campgrounds located within the park. First, there’s Watchman Campground which is open year-round, located next to the Visitor Center, and close to the Virgin River.

Keep in mind that you must make reservations beforehand and Watchman provides little to no shade, so be prepared on those hot and sunny summer days.

Second, there’s South Campground which is also located near the Visitor Center. Like Watchman, this campground doesn’t offer much shade and reservations must be made beforehand, so come prepared.

Finally, there’s the Lava Point Campground which is good for those who would like to be in a more secluded area. Located around an hour from Zion Canyon, Lava Point is nearly 8,000 feet above sea level and sits right off Kolob Terrace Road.

This campground isn’t open during the winter and is more “basic,” with no water or electric hookups and vault toilets. Reservations must be made in advance.

Outside the Park

If you’d like to stay outside of the park, Springdale is the closest town and offers plenty of accommodation options.

Cliffrose Springdale, Curio Collection By Hilton

Cliffrose Springdale is a top-rated hotel located about eight miles away from Zion National Park. The hotel is quiet, comfortable, and cheerfully decorated, plus it offers plenty of amenities and facilities like a TV in each room, room service, a 24-hour front desk, a garden, a pool, a gym, a bar, a hot tub, and a concierge service. Since the hotel is surrounded by a lush landscape, most rooms offer amazing mountainous views as well.

Holiday Inn Express Springdale

The Holiday Inn Express Springdale is one of the closest hotels to Zion National Park, at only 1.5 miles away. The hotel offers clean and cozy regional-styled rooms with plenty of amenities like a refrigerator, a work desk, a TV with premium channels, free WiFi, a microwave, and more.

There are also plenty of facilities such as a pool, a hot tub, a sun terrace, a laundry room, and even a mini-market.

Cable Mountain Lodge

Located right next to the entrance of Zion National Park, Cable Mountain Lodge offers an incredible location as well as comfort, convenience, and modern amenities. The lodge has everything you need to make your stay fun and comfortable, such as an outdoor heated pool and hot tub with views of the canyon, free WiFi, a convenience store, and a gift shop.

One of the best things about Cable Mountain Lodge is that it sits on a private beach where you can sit back and relax without a crowd.

Each room at the lodge is clean, calm, and has a rustic feel to it and each room comes with a variety of amenities like a TV, a mini-fridge, a microwave, air conditioning, a seating area, and more.

Best Western Plus Zion Canyon Inn & Suites

Best Western Plus Zion is less than a mile away from Zion National Park, so you can easily walk to and from the park if you don’t want to worry about parking. The hotel is sleek and modern, offering plenty of amenities and facilities like free WiFi, free parking, daily housekeeping, a 24-hour front desk, a pool, and a fitness center.

One of the best things about the hotel is that it offers a large and delicious complimentary breakfast every morning that guests rave about. What better way to start your day filled with the best hikes in Zion than a hearty breakfast?!

Each room at the hotel is clean, comfortable, and includes a flat-screen TV, a tea/coffee maker, a microwave, and more.

Campgrounds near Zion

Zion Canyon Campground

If you’d like to camp next to the park and still enjoy some modern amenities, then Zion Canyon Campground is the perfect place to stay. The campground is located only 0.5 miles away from Zion National Park and there’s a free shuttle; however, the walk is just 15 minutes if you’re looking for a little more exercise.

It’ll be a fun and relaxing stay at the campground since it offers a playground, fire pits, grills, a seasonal pool, picnic tables, showers, a pavilion, and much more.

There are 131 RV spots and 15 tent sites, and you can camp next to the river if you’d like. However, no matter where you are on the campground, you’ll get to experience amazing views, starry skies, and lots of fresh air.

If you’re feeling hungry, there are more than a dozen restaurants near the campground, which you can get to using the free town shuttle.

Zion River Resort RV Park & Campground

Zion River Resort sits in the Zion Canyon, surrounded by colorful mountains, tons of greenery, and the Virgin River. The resort is only a few minutes away from Zion National Park, making it an ideal location!

The best thing about Zion River Resort is the numerous amenities that are available on the resort, such as a heated swimming pool, spa, kitchen, playground, business center, dog area, gift shop, laundry services, seasonal ice cream shop, shuttle bus, and much more.

There’s no shortage of activities either. You can visit the human history museum, go river rafting in the Virgin River, take a bike ride, go horseback riding, go hiking, have a picnic, go on a shuttle ride, and more. Plus, there are plenty of restaurants nearby to grab a bite to eat!

Best Time to Visit Zion National Park 

best time to visit zion
While Zion National Park is beautiful any time of the year, there are still some months that we recommend more than others, especially if you’re planning on doing certain activities.

If you’re trying to do the best hikes in Zion, fall is definitely the best season to go. The weather isn’t too hot or too cold, and it’s also a great time for sightseeing and taking pictures, as the colors and foliage are breathtaking. The park can still be a bit crowded in the fall, but not nearly as bad as it can be in the summer.

We were personally there in late fall and it was cold and snowed, but the fall colors (against the snow) were worth it!

Spring is also another good time to visit Zion since the temperatures are moderate and the landscape is coming alive with vibrant colors and greenery. However, keep in mind that rain can make hiking in Zion difficult and dangerous. Also, the park can be a bit crowded at this time.

If you’d like to avoid crowds, winter can be a good time to visit; however, it can be quite chilly and can even drop to freezing temperatures at night. Also, keep in mind that many park facilities aren’t open during the winter. 

Unless you have no other choice, we don’t recommend visiting during the summer since temperatures can reach over 100 degrees, making hiking in Zion dangerous.

Plus, there are large crowds during the summer. However, most facilities are open and you can still enjoy your time if you plan strategically, like heading to the park early in the morning, staying in the shade, and staying hydrated.

To check the current conditions in the park, click here

How to Get Around Zion National Park

how to get around zion np
Getting around Zion National Park is extremely easy, as there’s a free shuttle that will take you around the whole park. The shuttle starts at the Visitor Center and heads to most areas in the park such as the Zion Lodge, Angels Landing, The Narrows trailhead, and much more. 

*Pay close attention to when the shuttle is running, and remember that a round trip from the Visitor Center, up canyon and back, takes an hour and a half.

To enter Zion National Park, all visitors have to pay for a recreational use pass, but the good news is that 80% of the fees go directly to the parks! There are a wide variety of passes available like the weekly passes, which can range from $20 for one person, $35 for a private vehicle, or $70 for a year of access to Zion.

However, the best deal is to get the America the Beautiful Annual Pass for $80 which gives you access to all National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands (over 2,000 sites across the country). If you’ll be visiting more than one national park during a single year, the annual pass is a no-brainer.

Useful Apps for Hiking


Even though hiking in Zion is an amazing experience, it can be a bit overwhelming, so thankfully, there are some really useful apps out there. The app AllTrails allows you to research over 300,000 trails all around the world!

Once you select a trail, it will show you more information such as maps, images, reviews, weather, and more. You can also get directions to the trailhead, download the route, or share the trail with friends.

AllTrails is free; however, there’s a pro version that allows you to download maps offline, get alerts for wrong turns, print maps, and more – all while being ad-free. The pro version has a one-week free trial and then it’s $29.99 a year.

National Park Service App

The National Park Service app is the perfect way to find the best hikes in Zion. The app allows you to check out more than 400 national parks in the US. Each park includes information like a map with points of interest and trails, self-guided tours, the locations of nearby amenities, audio descriptions, news alerts, and much more!

One of the best things about the app is that you can download information about the park to use offline. Plus, the app is 100% free!

Zion Hiking Tips / Gear Suggestions

the narrows - best hike in zion-3
If you plan on hiking The Narrows (one of the most popular and best hikes in Zion), it’s important to be wearing appropriate attire since it can be a difficult hike with rough, wet terrain. 

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about hiking gear or equipment since it can easily be rented from Zion Outfitters which is located near the entrance of the park in Springdale (you can actually walk here from the main parking lot).

There are four different rental packages available: the Warm Weather Package, the Dry Pants Package, the Kid’s Drysuit Package, and the Dry Bib Package. Most packages come with waist-high dry pants, canyoneering boots, neoprene socks, and a wooden hiking stick. A dry bib (wader) and waterproof backpack are also available for rental. 

However, most people just rent pants, shoes, and a hiking stick (your choice may vary depending on time of year and how deep the water is – all things the folks at Zion Outfitter can help you with).

For more tips and what to wear and pack, read our Packing for a Day Hike guide. We’ve included all the essentials you might need, no matter what type of weather/hike you are planning for.

Don’t forget the rules:

Practice “Leave No Trace”

If you’re unfamiliar with “Leave No Trace”, it means to keep the land as you found it. Don’t leave trash. Stay on the marked trails. Don’t feed/pet wildlife.

Sunscreen, layers, and hats

The sun and weather can be intense on hikes and shade isn’t always available. Always carry sunscreen with you. You’ll never catch us without it.

Water, water, water

Don’t underestimate how quickly the body can dehydrate on a hike. We typically hike with our hydration bladders and suggest a minimum of 1 gallon per person, per day, depending on the length/difficulty of your hike(s).

Map of best hikes in Zion National Park

Click the interactive map below!

HOW TO USE THIS MAP: To view the layers and see the names of the places on this map, click the tab in the top left corner. You can select the check marks to show or hide certain layers. If you select the icons on the map, you will get more information about the point of interest.

HOW TO SAVE THIS MAP: If you select the star icon next to the map name, you can save this map to your Google Maps account. To view it, open Google Maps in desktop or on your phone, select the menu button, go to “Your Places,” scroll to the right to Maps, and you will see this map.

Best Hikes in Zion National Park

Angel’s Landing

angel's landing - best hikes in zion
  • Distance: 4.4 miles out and back
  • Elevation Gain: 1,604 feet
  • Skill Level: Extremely Strenuous
  • Why it’s Awesome: considered one of the most dangerous things to do in America

The Angel’s Landing trail is one of the best hikes in Zion National Park and is considered one of the most dangerous things to do in America, if not the world.

Now, let’s back up a second to explain why this hike is considered so dangerous. The Angel’s Landing hike scales up a fin-like mountain formation, which juts out into the center of the main Zion Canyon, with multiple exposed cliffs and sheer drop-offs into the canyon. 

angel's landing 2- best hikes in zion
To get to the landing, you must cross thin pieces of this rock fin with your only support between you and the 1,500-foot canyon below being a thick chain!
angel's landing 3- best hikes in zion
There is quite a bit of elevation gain throughout this hike, including the beginning as you ascend to get into Refrigerator Canyon, where, you guessed it, things cool off a bit.

After a leisurely stroll through the canyon, you start a heart-pumping and calf-burning climb up Walter’s Wiggles, a series of 21 short, but grueling switchbacks.

angel's landing - walters wiggles
Once you conquer Walter’s Wiggles, this is where you get to Scout Lookout, which is also the stopping point for many people who can’t fathom a climb up the narrow rock fin to Angel’s Landing. There are chains along the fin for some safety and security, but take it slow and be sure of your footing and grip…it’s a longgg way down!

Absolutely breathtaking views of the Zion Canyon will await you and you will marvel at your achievement of completing one of the harder and most dangerous hikes in the world.  

angel's landing - best hikes in zion-6
This is one of the most popular, yet strenuous, hikes in Zion, and that is also what makes it so dangerous….it gets crowded on that little fin with room for single-file traffic in many places. 

For what it’s worth, if you go slow and steady, you’re respectful of other people on the narrow trail, and you aren’t an all-around idiot, this hike isn’t all that dangerous, but it’s definitely not for those who are afraid of heights. 

Tips for hiking Angel’s Landing: 

1 – We highly highly highly recommend starting this hike as early as possible and getting on the first shuttle available. It can get extremely crowded on the trail and the last climb along the rock fin (while holding onto chains and looking down into the canyon) can be quite dangerous with loads of people. Pay attention, take it slow, and be courteous and mindful of other hikers.

2 – Keep in mind that the Angel’s Landing hike isn’t recommended for children or people with a fear of heights. 

3 – Due to the popularity of the trail, permits are now required for everyone. You can apply for either the seasonal lottery or the day-before lottery on the website. Note that it costs $6 to apply for both kinds. If you receive the permit, it’s an additional $3 for each person that you registered.

The Emerald Pools

lower emerald pool - best hike in zion
  • Distance: 1.2 miles round trip to lower pools, 2 miles round trip to middle pools, and 3 miles round trip to upper pools
  • Elevation Gain: 70 feet to lower, 150 feet to middle, and 350 feet to upper
  • Skill Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Why it’s Awesome: Waterfalls, clear pools and great park views

In the middle of the beautiful Zion desert landscape, you’ll find an oasis of beautiful vegetation, waterfalls, and pools on the classic Emerald Pools Trail, which gets its name from the green algae that lie within the pools of water. The Emerald Pools is one of the best hikes in Zion since it includes three different trails in one. 

emerald pools - best hike in zion
There are several options to reach the Lower, Middle, and Upper pools, all varying in difficulty and scenery.  The Lower Pools trail is the easiest portion of the trail and features lush greenery before arriving at the alcove with waterfalls and the Lower Pools. 

The Middle Pools section is a little bit further and are the streams that form the waterfalls which descend into the Lower Pools.  If you’re up for a little bit more adventure, climb up the last portion to the Upper Pools where you can marvel at the 300-foot cliffs all around you.

Another nice thing about The Emerald Pools is that it’s a great hike to do on a rainy day, since the rain contributes to the waterfall and pools, and it also brings out the greenery in the area.

emerald pools - best hike in zion-2
No matter which way you go, those iconic Zion views are as majestic as always and in every direction.  For a relatively easy hike, you get the towering rock formations of Zion, while being surrounded by lush vegetation.

From here, you can either return the way you came, likely from the Zion Lodge, or you can continue on the Kayenta Trail to make this a full loop trail, about 3 miles in total and get back to the Angel’s Landing Shuttle stop. 

The Narrows

the narrows - best hike in zion-7
  • Distance: Bottom-up is 10 miles round trip, top-down is 16 miles point-to-point
  • Elevation Gain: Bottom-up is up to 400 feet, top-down is 1,600 feet
  • Skill Level: Strenuous
  • Why it’s Awesome: traversing through a narrow canyon filled with water

The Narrows is one of the popular and best hikes in Zion as it’s extremely beautiful and because it isn’t just a normal hike through the woods. The Narrows hike takes you through the narrowest part of Zion National Park (hence its name) and allows you to explore a deep canyon that was (and still is) carved by the Virgin River.

While you certainly do some hiking through the woods along the Riverwalk Trail, you also get/have to hike directly through the North Fork Virgin River, sometimes in depths that are waist-deep (depending on the season).  

There are two ways to hike The Narrows: from the top and from the bottom. 

the narrows - best hike in zion-5
Hiking from the top is quite strenuous, since you’ll complete the 16-mile hike in its entirety, and the terrain can be rough, wet, and slippery.

However, a nice thing about hiking from the top is that you’ll get to see all the beauty that The Narrows has to offer, such as canyons, swimming holes, and more.

Keep in mind that hiking from the top-down requires a permit, and information about how to obtain a permit is on the National Park Service website.

If 16 miles sounds like too much for you, then don’t worry!  It was for us too. You can hike from the bottom, which is the most popular option. 

Hiking from the bottom-up is about 10 miles in length and you’ll still see all the highlights of The Narrow, such as Mystery Falls, Orderville Canyon, Big Spring, and more. Note that you can choose to turn back at any point along the bottom-up hike, so you can make your hike as long/short as you’d like.

The Narrows hike is considered strenuous by the NPS and boy, did they get that right. Hiking the Narrows from the “bottom-up” means you are fighting the current of the Virgin River with each step you take.

the narrows - best hike in zion-1
Because it isn’t enough of an adrenaline rush to hike in a river through a narrow canyon, we decided to do it in winter, where the water temperature was a balmy 38 degrees and the outside temperatures were in the 20s.

This meant that falling, stumbling, tripping, or getting distracted for a single second wasn’t an option as getting wet meant hypothermia was a real possibility.

Like we mentioned earlier, make sure you are prepared for this hike when it comes to your attire. Visit Zion Outfitters in Springdale for all of your hiking-in-water gear.

We made sure we were prepared for the worst-case scenario before setting off into the river. In hindsight, we wished we had done the full body suits in winter to give us an extra piece of mind in the water.

As we said, it’s an insanely beautiful hike as you are traversing right through the towering sandstone walls that have been slowly eroded over thousands of years, creating amazing rock formations.

The most magnificent part of this hike is trekking through the river while being completely immersed in a deep canyon with minimal sunlight and crystal clear water. Safety is key on this hike as you’ll be wading through a river for much of it. 

zion nps flash flood
Note: Flash flooding is a concern to be mindful of, as well as slippery conditions as you walk on a riverbed that you can’t always see. No joke, even if there is a hint it might rain in the forecast, do NOT do this hike. Ask the rangers in the visitor center if you are unsure. Take it slow – remember, the tortoise beat the hare!

East Mesa Trail

east mesa zion
  • Distance: 7 miles out-and-back 
  • Elevation Gain: 702 feet
  • Skill Level: moderate
  • Why it’s Awesome: unique views of Angel’s Landing

The East Mesa Trail is one of the best hikes in Zion for those who are looking for a quieter hike with a variety of views.

You’ll start off by heading through a pine forest while getting some views of the canyons, and then eventually you’ll reach Observation Point, where you’ll get an amazing view of the entire Zion Canyon and the forests below. And you’ll even get a view of Angel’s Landing!

Keep in mind that the East Mesa Trail is moderately challenging, so it might not be suitable for children or beginners. Also, the roads can get really muddy in the winter, spring, and after any rainfall.

Watchman Trail

watchmen trail - zion nps
  • Distance: 3.3 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 300 feet
  • Skill Level: easy
  • Why it’s Awesome: most hikes are on the left side of the park, this is on the right so different perspective

The Watchman Trail is a short and fairly easy hike that starts at the Visitor Center, making it one of the best hikes in Zion for those who would like to avoid waiting for the shuttle.

The hike will take you along the Virgin River, where you’ll get views of Watchman Peak. Then, you’ll make your way up the hills, and the higher you go, the better the views.

Finally, you’ll reach a cliff that gives you an amazing view of the main canyon, the Visitor Center, Springdale, and Watchman Peak.

The Watchman Trail is suitable for beginners and children; however, some parts can be strenuous, especially when you’re heading uphill. Also, keep in mind that this trail offers little to no shade, so we recommend that you avoid coming on sunny days.

Canyon Overlook Trail 

canyon overlook trail - best hike in zion-2
  • Distance: 1-mile out-and-back
  • Elevation Gain: 187 feet
  • Skill Level: easy
  • Why it’s Awesome: easily accessed viewpoints

The Canyon Overlook trail is one of the best hikes in Zion if you’re looking for a short, yet fun, scenic hike that ends with an epic viewpoint. During the hike, you’ll get views of the Pine Creek Narrows, huge rock formations, and lush greenery. There’s even a hidden alcove where you can take a break and hang out in the shade. 

canyon overlook trail - best hike in zion-1
Finally, the hike ends at the edge of a cliff overlooking Zion. Here, you can see many prominent landmarks like the Route 9 Switchbacks, Bridge Mountain, the East Temple rock formation, and much more!

While the Canyon Overlook Trail is suitable for children, and most parts of the trail have railings, keep in mind that there are some exposed areas that could be dangerous for young children. Also, we recommend being extra cautious at the overlook at the end of the hike.

Pa’rus Trail

pa'rus trail - best hike in zion-1
  • Distance: 3.4 miles out-and-back
  • Elevation Gain: 157 feet
  • Skill Level: easy 
  • Why it’s Awesome: an easy stroll in the valley 

The Pa’rus Trail is a short and easy trail that’s perfect for those who would like to take a more leisurely hike in Zion. “Pa’rus” actually means “bubbling water” which refers to the Virgin River that you’ll see a lot of during this hike. You’ll also see plenty of wildflowers and maybe even some deer along the way. The Pa’rus trail is also a popular spot to take photos, especially of the sunset at the Canyon Junction Bridge.

The Pa’rus trail is mostly level and suitable for children, but it can get quite hot during the summertime, so we recommend going in the spring or fall for the best experience.

Riverside Walk

riverwalk trail - best hike in zion
  • Distance: 2 miles round-trip
  • Elevation Gain: 193 feet
  • Skill Level: easy
  • Why it’s Awesome: ends at the start of the Narrows

The Riverside Walk hike is short and easy yet it’s still very beautiful! It’s suitable for beginners, children, the elderly, and the disabled, making it one of the best hikes in Zion no matter who you are!

You’ll start at the famous Temple of Sinawava and eventually make your way to the Virgin River where you’ll get amazing views of the bright greenery such as trees and moss.

You can easily reach the Virgin River if you’re feeling hot and would like to cool off a bit before heading back. Also, keep your eye out for wildlife like deer, turkeys, blue herons, and more.

As stated above, the Riverside Walk is great for nearly everyone due to its easy nature. Just keep in mind that it is a popular hike and can get a bit crowded. Also, it can be quite hot during the summer months.

Kolob Canyon via La Verkin Creek Trail

  • Distance: 14 miles round-trip
  • Elevation Gain: 1,037 feet
  • Skill Level: strenuous
  • Why it’s Awesome: Kolob Arch (one of the world’s biggest natural arches)

La Verkin Creek Trail is located in the Kolob Canyons area of Zion, which is known for its tall sandstone cliffs, refreshing waterfalls, winding streams, and much more. As you begin your hike, you’ll get views of the Kolob Canyons right away. 

Around halfway through, you’ll get to see the famous Kolob Arch which is one of the biggest natural arches in the world, standing at 287 feet tall! You’ll also see rivers, streams, and plenty of greenery on your way.

Another nice thing about La Verkin Creek Trail is that it isn’t too crowded, making it one of the best hikes in Zion if you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful hike.

Keep in mind that the La Verkin Creek Trail is moderately strenuous and you might encounter areas with deep sand or water, depending on the time of year.

Timber Creek Overlook Trail

  • Distance: 1.1 miles out-and-back 
  • Elevation Gain: 256 feet
  • Skill Level: easy
  • Why it’s Awesome: super short hike and good views of the park

The Timber Creek Overlook Trail is short, easy to follow, and only takes about 35 minutes to complete, so it’s one of the best hikes in Zion for beginners or children, and those who are just looking for a more leisurely hike. 

Even though the hike is short, it still offers amazing views of Shuntavi Butte, the Pine Valley Mountains, Kolob Terrace, and Mount Trumbull! Depending on the season, you may find the trail covered in wildflowers, and there’s even a picnic area close to the trailhead.

Other Things to Do in the Park

Canyon Scenic Drive

canyon scenic drive zion
If you’d rather drive through Zion than hike, you’re in luck! One of the most popular ways to drive through Zion is on the scenic byway which will take you 54 miles across the entire park.

You’ll start your drive about nine miles outside of the park, but along the way, you’ll pass many famous landmarks like Checkerboard Mesa, the Mt. Carmel Tunnel, Twin Brothers Mountain, Angel’s Landing, and much more.

During the wintertime, you can drive your own vehicle through the park. However, during tourist season, you’ll have to park your car and catch the free shuttle for a part of the drive since the road is closed to private vehicles during that time.

Drink local beer at Zion Canyon Brew Pub

zion local beer-1
You didn’t think you’d get through a post on our site without us talking about booze, did you? Literally a stone’s throw from the entrance, Zion Canyon Brew Pub is your best bet for some locally brewed beer. 

This microbrewery sticks to the classic styles of beer which are perfect to crush after your hikes. If you are famished like we were, you can carb load on burgers and fries.

Overall – best hikes in Zion National Park

Hiking in Zion is an amazing experience for any hiker, no matter their age or skill. Zion is full of trails that range from easy to advanced and/or relaxing to thrilling. Since there are so many trails, we hope that this list has broken down some of the best hikes in Zion depending on your personal needs/capabilities. 

And, if hiking isn’t your thing, we hope that we’ve helped you explore some of the many other activities that are available to do in the natural beauty that is Zion!

Ready to visit to Zion National Park? Read hotel reviews on TripAdvisor then book your room here!

But where do we personally recommend? Cable Mountain Lodge is our hands-down favorite.

Don’t forget to pick up an Utah National Parks guidebook for your other adventures.

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