31 Incredible Gifts for Beer Drinkers and Lovers

Trying to find the best gifts for beer drinkers in your life?

Finding the perfect presents for beer lovers can be tough, especially if you’re not much of a beer drinker yourself.

Plus, there are a lot of options, and we know it can get overwhelming!

That’s why we’ve created a list of some of the best gifts for beer drinkers to hopefully make your shopping a little bit easier!

Items range from beer coaster sets to homebrewing kits, and everything in between.

We personally have owned more than half of the beer gifts on this list and the others we’ve had on our holiday list for ourselves!

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Hoppy Hanukkah and 12 Beers of Christmas Holiday Beer Boxes

holidayweb-2 brewvana beer gift guide
  • Pros: Variety, interactive
  • Cons: you can’t keep it for yourself (so buy 2)!

Take the guesswork out of buying craft beer for your friends and loved ones this year and let Brewvana’s team of beer experts do the heavy lifting for you.

Each of these holiday beer boxes contain curated craft beers to be opened each night of the 8 nights of Hanukkah or on the 12 Days of Christmas, as well as holiday gifts and brewery swag. Gift recipients also get exclusive access to nightly virtual beer tastings led by beer experts and brewers.

Brewvana hand picks its craft beers from independent breweries all over the country, making them an ideal gift for beer geeks who love to explore new breweries and beer scenes. These boxes are designed to be opened the first night of Hanukkah (Dec. 18) and Christmas Day (Dec. 25).

Beer Bottle Openers

OXO SteeL Bottle Opener

  • Pros: easy to use, durable
  • Cons: short

This OXO Steel bottle opener is one of the best gifts for beer drinkers!

Firstly, what beer drinker doesn’t need a bottle opener? You never know when you might need one, right!?

Second, this bottle opener is very easy to use with no extra gimmicks. You just place the bottle opener around the bottle cap, twist, and the cap will come off instantly.

The opener also features a non-slip touchpoint to help your grip.

Besides being functional, it’s also made from stainless steel so it’s very durable and will last much longer than your beer will.

The stainless steel also gives it a nice appearance, and it can match most kitchens.

Finally, the cherry on top is that it comes in an elegant box, making it easy and perfect for gift giving.

Bottle Opener Wall Mounted

  • Pros: easy to use, sturdy, can be mounted to many surfaces
  • Cons: a really really strong person could rip it off the wall

If you know someone who has a man cave or bar, this bottle opener is the perfect gift for them!

The wall mounted opener can be mounted to various surfaces including metal, wood, stone, walls, and bricks, making it suitable for nearly every space indoors or out. To use it, just place the bottle in the opener and flick, that’s all!

The bottle opener will last a long time as well since it is made from steel and has corrosion resistance. It also comes with mounting screws to ensure you have an easy set-up process!

Push Down-Pop Off Beer Bottle Opener

  • Pros: easy to use, magnetic
  • Cons: N/A

The best thing about this bottle opener is how easy it is to use. You just simply place the opener on the bottle head, push down, and the cap will pop off!

It’s especially useful to people who have pain in their hands.

The bottle opener is quite small at only three inches tall and two inches wide, so it can be tucked away easily or brought with you on the go.

The design is black, sleek, and simple so it will match nearly everything!

Shower Drink Holders

SipCaddy Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder

  • Pros: easy to use, durable, multipurpose
  • Cons: might fall off if not secured properly

Do you know someone who loves beer and taking relaxing baths/showers? If so, this shower drink holder is a perfect option.

SipCaddy is made from plastic with a high-quality suction cup that can easily stick to your shower wall and hold quite a bit of weight. Gone are the days of searching for a place to put your shower beer!

Another great thing about the drink holder is that it can also hold wine, soda, water, and many other beverages. Or, you can even just put some shampoo, a loofah, or other toiletries in there for your non-drinking days!

The drink holder comes in six different colors so it will go with most bathrooms.

Portable Shower Drink Holder for Beer Can

  • Pros: easy to use, portable
  • Cons: need to wait 24 hours

This drink holder is another great option for those who love to relax in the shower and sip a beer after a long, hard day.

This holder differs from others in that it doesn’t use any wall mounts or suction cups, so it’s very easy to use and won’t leave any residue behind.

Just take off the film from the back, stick it on the shower wall, smooth it out, and wait 24 hours before using it.

After it’s mounted to the shower wall, you can place your beer in it and enjoy.

You can also use it as a phone holder, shampoo holder, and more. The holder comes in seven different fun colors/designs so you won’t have to sacrifice beauty for convenience!

Beer Glasses and Growlers 

Copper Mug Set

  • Pros: Keep drinks icy cold for hours, tarnish resistant, lifetime Warranty
  • Con: Not Dishwasher safe

The Pure Copper Mugs from Advanced Mixology are the perfect addition to any beer lover’s collection! These mugs are crafted from premium-grade copper with an antique finish, bringing a timeless look and feel to your drinking experience. Whether you’re sipping on ice-cold lager or savoring a robust stout, copper mugs will enhance the flavor and aroma of your favorite beverage.

So if you’re a beer lover looking for a timeless piece of barware that will keep your drinks icy cold and full of flavor, mule science copper mugs are a perfect choice!

Pint Glass Set of 4

  • Pros: multipurpose, thick
  • Cons: no color options

When searching for gifts for beer drinkers, you know you can’t go wrong with beer pint glasses, especially these!

They are made from thick glass that is quite durable and will last a long time. They’re also fairly large and hold 16 ounces of your favorite brew.

Of course, they’re also a great option for cocktails, water, and any other beverage!

Since the glasses are clear, simple, and elegant, they will go with any aesthetic.

They come in sets of 2, 4, 6, and 12; plus, they’re tightly secured in a gift box so you can save some time on wrapping.

Beer Glass Flight Board and Glass Set

  • Pros: durable
  • Cons: not very portable

If you know someone who loves to serve beer to guests, then this is the perfect gift for them.

This wooden carrier paddle holds four 6-ounce beer glasses at the same time, making it perfect for parties, sampling, or if you’d just like to be able to carry more beers in one hand!

The flight board is great quality made with real wood and comes with 4 sturdy glasses.

Glass Growler Jug

  • Pros: sturdy, large
  • Cons: hard to clean

This beer growler is one of the best gifts for beer drinkers, especially if they visit craft breweries a lot!

The growler can hold up to 64 ounces of beer, plus it’s super dark for extra protection against light.

You won’t have to worry about breaking it either, as it is made from thick and sturdy glass.

Hydro Flask 64 oz. Beer Growler

  • Pros: sturdy, large, multipurpose, portable
  • Cons: not very cheap

This Hydro Flask beer growler is one of the best craft beer gift ideas, especially for those who like to get outside and don’t like the thought of warm beer!

This insulated growler is double-wall vacuum insulated, so it will keep beer cold for up to 24 hours…if it lasts that long. The cap is insulated too, as well as leakproof.

The growler can hold 64 ounces, yet it’s still light and portable. It’s also made from food-grade stainless steel so it won’t develop any bacteria or odors.

GrowlerWerks uKeg Go Carbonated Growler

  • Pros: large, sturdy, multipurpose, multifunctional
  • Cons: expensive, needs to be charged, CO2 not included

The GrowlerWerks uKeg is one of the best gifts for beer drinkers if you’re not sure what to buy since it’s a growler, keg, and cooler all in one!

After you pour the beer in, it stays fresh and carbonated for up to two weeks. You can even choose low or high carbonation depending on what type of drink it is! And, if you’re heading outside, the double-wall vacuum insulation is sure to keep your beer cold all day long.

Other great things about this growler are that it’s made from stainless steel, has a carry handle, features a 3-position tap, and comes in two different sizes: 64 oz and 128 oz.

Beer Cap Holder

2-in-1 Bottle Opener and Cap Holder

  • Pros: multipurpose, easy installation
  • Cons: display case not made from glass

Do you know someone who loves to collect beer caps? If so, the Mealivos Bottle Opener And Cap Saver would be a great addition to their home!

This product is the best of both worlds as it doubles as a bottle opener and cap saver, with the bottle opener being on the outside and the caps being collected inside a shadow box. Of course, you can also collect corks or anything else inside!

The great thing about this cap saver is that it’s made from real wood, unlike other cap savers. It’s also quite large and can store up to 500 bottle caps.

Plus, it can either stand or be mounted on the wall!

Beer Koozies and Glower Insulators

YETI Rambler 12 oz. Colster Can Insulator

  • Pros: durable, large variety of colors
  • Cons: lid seal is a bit loose

While looking for presents for beer lovers, you can’t go wrong with a can insulator. They’re simple, easy to use, and extremely useful!

The YETI Colster is one of the most high-quality insulators on the market as it is made from kitchen-grade stainless steel so it won’t develop any cracks or rust.

And, most importantly, it features double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your drinks icy cold.

Did we mention it also comes in over 20 different colors?!

Slim Can Koozie – BrüMate Hopsulator Juggernaut Can Cooler

  • Pros: durable, large variety of colors
  • Cons: expensive

The Slim Can Koozie insulator does everything it’s supposed to and more.

The insulator features double-walled stainless steel and an extra copper layer that keeps your beer 20x colder compared to other can insulators.

Another unique thing about this insulator is that it can fit both 24 oz and 25 oz cans. (Think energy drinks, beer, and tea!).

You won’t have to deal with any annoying condensation either, and you have eight different colors to choose from.

Beer Bottle Koozie – Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go Vacuum Insulated

  • Pros: durable, multifunctional, variety of colors
  • Cons: bottle opener is easily misplaced

The Asobu Beer Bottle Koozie is perfect for when you need to keep an entire bottle cold for hours. The double-wall vacuum insulation ensures icy cold beer even in the warmest weather, plus the koozie comes with a built-in bottle opener for ultimate convenience! You just need to place the koozie over the bottle, pop off the cap with the bottle opener, and you’re set to enjoy your cold beer in the great outdoors!

Growler Cover Coolie With Strap

  • Pros: durable, easy to use
  • Cons: only works with beer growlers

If you know someone who frequently visits breweries, this Growler Cover with Strap one of the best craft beer gift ideas for them.

This growler cover fits any 64 oz beer growler and keeps it cold for hours, as well as condensation-free.

The case is soft, thick, and provides some “cushion” to prevent breakage.

One of the best things about this cover is that it features a strap with a velcro hook and loop for effortless carrying!

Beer Carriers

Wooden 6-Bottle Caddy with Bottle Opener

  • Pros: durable, multifunctional
  • Cons: N/A

Trying to carry multiple fragile beer bottles at a time can be tough, so this wooden beer carrier might make your loved one’s life a little bit easier!

The carrier is made from wood and metal and features a vintage look that comes in three different colors, so it will go with any kitchen, man cave, or wherever you decide to take it!

Another great thing about this carrier is that it has a removable middle divider and it can fit any 12 oz beer bottle or can.

Plus, it comes with a built-in bottle opener for ultimate convenience!

Cloth Carrier – 6-Bottle Beer Caddy

  • Pros: stylish, comes with shoulder strap
  • Cons: pricey

This Cloth Carrier is a great gifts for beer drinkers, especially those who love to look stylish! This classy beer carrier is made out of waxed cotton canvas and can hold up to six beers.

The carrier features an adjustable shoulder strap so that you can easily and securely transport your beer wherever you want to go.

There’s also a removable divider so you can store an array of bottles, as well as a bottle opener!

Beer Socks

Unisex Beer Socks

  • Pros: durable, quirky
  • Cons: won’t fit very large feet

If you’re looking for a warm present for beer lovers who also have a sense of humor, these funny beer socks are the perfect fit!

The socks are soft, comfortable, and fitting as they’re made of a blend of 85% cotton, 10% spandex, and 5% elastic. Due to the elastic nature of the socks, they can fit both men and women ranging from sizes 6-13.

The best part about the socks is that they’re cute and quirky with a beer bottle design and a catchy phrase: “If you can read this, bring me some beer.”

Beer Coasters

Stone Drink Coasters

  • Pros: large, durable
  • Cons: N/A

These stone coasters are vibrant, quirky, and convenient! The quality is great as they’re made from stone, and there’s cork underneath to protect the furniture.

Each coaster is quite large at 4.25 inches, and each coaster features a unique design with a catchy phrase like “I work until beer o’clock”, “Is it beer:30 yet?” and much more.

Your beer lover won’t be disappointed with these coasters that protect furniture and add a bit of cheerfulness to the room at the same time.

Chilling Coasters – 6 Piece Set

  • Pros: multifunctional, durable
  • Cons: pricey

These chilling drink coasters have two important functions: they protect your furniture and keep your beer cold at the same time, making them one of the best gifts for beer drinkers.

The coasters are extremely durable as they’re made with granite and cork which prevents both condensation and scratches on your furniture.

And, of course, the best thing about the coasters is that they keep your drink cold for hours! The standard four-inch size can fit any 12 oz can as well.

Beer Cookbook

The Craft Brewery Cookbook

  • Pros: pictures with every recipe
  • Cons: recipes can be for advanced chefs

This cookbook features over 70 unique recipes that were created to go along with all kinds of beer, ranging from sours to IPAs. All the beers come from various American breweries, making it one of the best craft beer gift ideas.

Some of the most popular recipes are “Spicy Fish Ceviche with Grilled Pineapple,” “Merguez Spiced Lamb Burger,” “Kale Caesar Salad with Miso and Shrimp,” and much more (vegetarian and vegan options are included as well).

Each recipe comes with a large and clear photo of the final meal!

Beer Gift Set 

Beer Lover Gift Set

  • Pros: prepackaged, includes a variety of items
  • Cons: N/A

Still stumped on what to buy your beer-loving loved one?

This beer lover gift set is the ultimate gift for beer drinkers as it includes a little bit of everything!

The gift set includes a black insulated cooler bag that can carry six beer bottles and keep them cold, two beer chiller sticks that keep beer cold and flavorful, one bottle cooler to keep your beer cold and condensation-free, and one metal bottle opener to open your beer with ease.

The best part is that all of these items come prepackaged in the cooler bag, which comes in a box, making it one of the easiest presents for beer lovers.

Beer Dispensers

Beer Tower Drink Dispenser

  • Pros: multifunctional, modern
  • Cons: N/A

This beer tower and dispenser is the perfect addition to any beer lover’s home.

It can hold up to seven cans of beer, or 88 fluid ounces, which is great for hosting a party! The weighted base prevents the beer from spilling, and the removable ice rod keeps beer cold for hours.

The tower also features a sturdy bar tap that is similar to the ones you see at breweries!

One of the best things about the tower is that it offers so much convenience while also having a sleek and elegant appearance that can go with any kitchen, making it the perfect gift for beer drinkers.

DraftPour Beer Dispenser

  • Pros: durable, lightweight, works with any beer
  • Cons: needs to be plugged in or use batteries

The draft beer dispenser is an incredible craft beer gift idea for any beer lover who wants to take ordinary beer to the next level.

You simply plug it in with the USB power cord (or use batteries), then place the dispenser over the beer and let it work its magic!

The dispenser features Micro-Foam technology that can make canned beer taste like it came from your favorite brewery. The dispenser is made with titanium so it’s extremely durable and will last for years.

Plus, it works with all cans and bottles of beer like IPAs, porters, sours, ales, and more!

Funny Beer Gifts

Drinking Helmet

  • Pros: adjustable, works with all cans
  • Cons: beer can spill easily

This fun drinking helmet allows you to carry and drink two beers at the same time, all while staying hands-free, making it a unique gift for beer drinkers for any occasion like tailgating, bachelor parties, birthdays, Father’s Day, and much more.

The helmet is made of sturdy, hard plastic and the click-in drink holders can fit cans of any size.

The drinking straw also features a controllable valve to prevent spills.

Finally, the helmet buckle is adjustable so it can fit anyone!

Beer Belt Holster

  • Pros: multifunctional, lightweight
  • Cons: only works with 12 oz bottles/cans

This beer holster is one of the best gifts for beer drinkers who hate having to carry a beer around.

The holster, made from lightweight synthetic leather, easily attaches to your belt and can hold any 12-ounce drink, so you can enjoy your beer while staying hands-free! It’s perfect for parties, outdoor activities, and much more!

Another great thing about the holster is that it comes with a multifunctional bottle opener that is also a corkscrew, knife, screwdriver, and box opener! Plus, the holster and opener come in four different color variations.

Hide A Beer – Silicone Can Sleeve

  • Pros: durable, prevents condensation
  • Cons: hard to take on and off

This beer sleeve allows you to disguise any 12-ounce beer as a can of Coca-Cola, making it the sneekiest gift for beer drinkers who prefer to be more discreet while enjoying a beer; whether it be for a public event, a disapproving relative, or numerous other reasons!

The silicone sleeve is sturdy, reusable, and fits snugly to the can, making it look identical to a real can of Coke.

While the sleeve is a little hard to take on and off, this should subside over time and more use!

Beer-Infused Hot Sauce Variety 3-pack

  • Pros: made from natural ingredients
  • Cons: might not be spicy enough for heat-lovers

If you know someone who loves beer and spice, this beer-infused hot sauce is a great beer-inspired gift for them.

The hot sauce comes in a 3-pack that includes three different flavors ranging in levels of spiciness: Asian Sriracha (mild), Garlic Serrano (medium), and Roasty Chipotle (hot).

All the sauces are made with fresh and natural ingredients like cayenne pepper, garlic, vinegar, sugar, carrots, and more.

The hot sauce can be used with a wide variety of foods like pasta, salsa, tacos, stir-fry, burgers, or anything your spicy heart desires!

Beer Flavored Candy

  • Pros: cute packaging, individually wrapped
  • Cons: flavor is not for everyone

These fun beer-flavored jelly beans are a great gift for beer drinkers and candy lovers alike!

The jelly beans come in a cute, gold can that looks quite similar to a real can of beer, and the jelly beans are individually wrapped in five .35 oz bags for freshness.

While the flavor may not be for everyone, it’s still a fun and creative gift for beer drinkers that will give them a laugh!

Beer Soap

  • Pros: large, long-lasting scent
  • Cons: not cheap

This beer bar soap is perfect for those who love beer and the smell of it!

The soap comes in a variety pack that features three different soaps from three different beers, all with unique scents: Busch Beer, which smells like sandalwood, Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA, which smells like citrus and neroli, and Budweiser Great American Beer, with smells like cedarwood.

The great thing about these soaps is that they’re large (10 ounces!) and will make you squeaky clean as the antioxidants in beer help clean the skin.

The soaps are made in the USA with high-quality ingredients that are paraben and sulfate-free.

Beer Tailgate Hoodies

  • Pros: durable, eco-friendly
  • Cons: N/A

This unisex hoodie is great for hanging out at the bar, keeping warm on a chilly night, or just relaxing at home!

The hoodie is soft and comfortable as it’s made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

The “WARNING: May Contain Alcohol” design is not only funny but also made from a special eco-friendly dye that is soft and won’t crack or peel.

One of the best things about the hoodie is that it’s unisex and comes in three different colors and five different sizes, so it can fit almost everyone!

Overall – Gifts for Beer Drinkers

There are many great gifts for beer drinkers out there!

Gifts range from simple bottle openers to beer-infused hot sauce, and everything in between, so you’re sure to find something for your loved ones no matter their (legal) age, gender, or beer preferences.

We hope that this list has made your gift shopping a little bit easier and will put a smile on the faces of the beer drinkers in your life!

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