25 Inexpensive Gifts for Wine Lovers on Amazon – $50 or less

Are you on the lookout for the perfect gift to give to that person in your life that loves wine, but you don’t want to break the bank?  We get it. 

All you’re trying to do is find a list of the perfect inexpensive gifts for wine lovers and you’re scrolling through page after page on Amazon, feeling overwhelmed. Been there, done that. 

But, there’s good news. 

  1. We’ve done the hard work for you!
  2. All the gifts on this list are $50 or less from Amazon.

So just sit back and relax. You’ll find something for even the pickiest of wine lovers!

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Inexpensive Gifts for Wine Lovers

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Wine Bottle Opener/Corkscrew

When looking for inexpensive gifts for wine lovers, most people would start with the MOST important thing, other than the wine, of course – a bottle opener. Wine bottles are pretty much useless if you can’t open them which is why bottle openers are so popular and essential. 

Like many things on this gift guide, there are literally thousands to pick from so we narrowed it down into some easy-to-understand categories. 

Classic Corkscrew

  • Pros: easy-to-use, lightweight, and multifunctional
  • Cons: can take up room in a drawer

A crowd favorite and a must-have bar accessory, the classic corkscrew is easy to use and won’t break the cork (which is a big deal) or the bank. As you screw it into the cork, the arms raise, giving you much needed leverage to gently pry the cork out of the bottle.

We like this one because it’s stainless steel and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Added bonus, it doubles as a beer bottle opener for those days when you aren’t feeling wine. Those days do exist, we promise.

Compact Corkscrew

  • Pros: small, lightweight, and portable
  • Cons: effort may be required to remove cork

The compact corkscrew one is our favorite because it easily slips into a pocket, purse, or suitcase and doesn’t take up much room. Considered a “waiter’s corkscrew”, this compact bottle opener is easy to use and can travel easily. While there are a few different types, this one has two different cut-outs for controlled pulling when removing the cork. 

While the main benefit of the waiter’s corkscrew is its size, it does require some effort when you pull since there are no arms to leverage.

If you aren’t experienced at opening bottles by hand, this one can lead to accidental spills (especially if you’ve had a few). Regardless, it’s one of our favorites and one of the easiest inexpensive gifts for wine lovers. 

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

  • Pros: easy-to-use, electric
  • Cons: takes up room on counter, needs to be charged

This electric wine bottle opener is one of the most perfect inexpensive gifts for wine lovers. First, it’s extremely easy to use with only 2 simple steps.

You just place the bottle opener on top of the bottle of wine and press down. That’s it!

After that, press the “eject” button to remove the cork.  A monkey could do it.  Just don’t let them drink it.

Not only is this bottle opener easy to use, but it’s attractive to look at, too. It’s a sleek, stainless steel design that will look good on your countertop.

It’s great for parties as well since it can uncork up to 50 bottles in between charges and it comes with a complimentary foil cutter! What more can you ask for in a bottle opener?

Quirky Openers

  • Pros: adorable, small, portable
  • Cons: not very durable

This animal wine bottle opener is not only one of the great inexpensive gifts for wine lovers, but animal lovers too, as it features both a penguin and bald eagle design. The wings allow for additional leverage which makes it easier to gently pull the cork out of the bottle without any breakage or spillage.

After you’re done with it, you can keep it on the counter as a quirky kitchen accessory or you can take it on the go due to its compact size.

Wine Glass Markers

Wine Glass Pens

  • Pros: doesn’t get in the way, multifunctional
  • Cons: can smear

Have you ever been to a party and forgotten which glass of wine is yours? (Yeah, us too). Make a loved one’s life easier with these wine glass markers.

They come in a pack of 8 different colors, which brings even more fun to the party! Customize your glass however you’d like, wait 60 seconds for the ink to dry, and you’re set! These markers are also multifunctional and can be used on any type of glass such as other dinnerware, windows, mirrors, etc.

While it’s great that the ink can easily be washed off after the party’s over, be aware of condensation that may wash away the ink prematurely!

Stem Charms 

  • Pros: easy-to-use
  • Cons: easily misplaced

These wine charms should be on any list of inexpensive gifts for wine lovers because they can put a smile on anyone’s face.

The charms come in a pack of 12 with each one reading something different. Phrases include “yes way rosé” and “I wine a lot.”

Plus, these wine charms are basically effortless, even in your drunkest state. Just open the loop of the charm, attach it to the stem of your wine glass, and say goodbye to wine glass confusion.

Plus, they’re well made and sturdy, with great attention to detail. They don’t require any effort either. 

After the party is over, you can use the convenient carabiner clip to easily store your charms in an organized fashion. No more digging through your drawer trying to find your wine charms!

Click these links ot check out the curent price on Amazon:

Stemless Glass Marker

  • Pros: doesn’t get in the way, easy-to-use
  • Cons: can be easily misplaced

Never lose track of your glass again with these classic and fun grape glass markers – not the coloring kind!

The pack contains 8 different colorful glass markers (maybe “identifiers” is less confusing?) featuring a grape design. These markers are unique in that they don’t require a stem, so you can use them on any type of wine glass.

All you need to do is moisten the suction cup and stick it to your wine glass. Cleaning is a breeze as well since they’re dishwasher safe.

Rim or Stem Wine Glass Charms

  • Pros: easy-to-use, versatile
  • Cons: small in size, might get lost

These colorful wine charms are extremely convenient since they not only help identify your glass but they’re also made of silicone and wrap tightly around the stem of your glass which helps give you a better grip on your glass (perfect for those rowdier parties!).

If you only have stemless wine glasses, don’t worry! The charms fit nicely on the rim of the glass as well.

Funky and Fun Wine Charms

  • Pros: quirky, easy-to-use, can be used on stem or rim
  • Cons: hand-wash only

Cheer up the crowd with these fun llama wine charms. They come in a set of 6 and each llama comes in a unique color. The charms are made of silicone and sit on the rim of your glass, so they’re not just limited to wine glasses.

Plus, the charms come prepackaged in a box which makes them perfect for gifting!

Wine Aerator/Decanters

While both an aerator and decanter increase the wine’s exposure to oxygen, they function slightly differently. There are a few different kinds of wine aerators, but the most common one is a small handheld device that’s placed on top of the wine bottle.

As you pour, the wine will either go through an aerating chamber or a little spout. This accelerates the oxidation of the wine, giving it a bit of a flavor boost.

Decanters, on the other hand, separate the sediment from the wine.

Decanters come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all work by letting the wine pour slowly so that the sediment at the bottom of the bottle doesn’t end up in your glass of wine.

Sediment is okay to consume, but it doesn’t taste the greatest. Plus, decanting the wine gives it a bit of aeration as well.

Aerator Pourer

  • Pros: built-in ridge to prevent spills
  • Cons: the plastic over time gets cracks when used in the dishwasher, but still works great

This wine aerator pourer gives your wine a major boost of flavor through an intricate process: first, the air hole draws in the oxygen.

Then, the plate regulator spreads out the wine so that it’s exposed to more air.

Finally, the wine goes through the aeration point and the oxygen is infused in your wine, making even the cheapest wine taste high-end.

Plus, the aerator has a rubber stopper and tapered spout to ensure that there won’t be any drips or leaks. The best part is that you get two aerators for the price of one, making it one of the most perfect inexpensive gifts for wine lovers.

You can keep one for yourself or gift it to another wine lover! 

Electric Aerator

  • Pros: quick aeration, easy-to-use
  • Cons: needs to be charged

This electric wine aerator is super high-tech, yet it’s so easy to use. All you need to do is place the straw into the aerator, place the straw into the wine bottle, and then switch the button.

You’ll see the wine go from flat to bubbly in seconds. The aerator has an airtight rubber seal as well, which keeps the wine fresh and flavorful.

Plus, clean-up is easy; just place the straw into clean water, press the button, and wait for the water to become clean.

Glass Decanter with Built-In Aerator

  • Pros: multifunctional
  • Cons: slightly hard to clean

Get the best of both worlds with this wine decanter featuring a built-in aerator. The decanter has a double-layered filter that removes any sediment within 3-5 minutes, unlike traditional decanters which can take up to 30 minutes.

Once the wine is ready, you pour it through the waterfall- designed bottle stopper, which accelerates the oxidation of the wine and prevents any drips or spills.

Travel wine bags and accessories

Insulate Single Bottle Carrier

  • Pros: multifunctional, spacious
  • Cons: color slightly off from photos

This wine tote is a perfect option for inexpensive gifts for wine lovers, especially those who are always on the go.

The tote has 3 layers of insulation and padding, which keeps the wine cold and protected even if you’re spending a hot day at the beach or going to a crowded party.

Plus, the tote has plenty of room at 14 inches tall and 5 inches wide, so it can be used for most drinks.

Wine Tote Bag and Picnic Set

  • Pros: multifunctional, spacious
  • Cons: N/A

Keep your wine cool for 5-7 hours with this stylish and sturdy wine tote bag and picnic set. Inside, you’ll find 2 insulated compartments that are large enough to hold 2 bottles of wine and many other drinks.

The bag is made of thick polyester and features an adjustable strap to keep your wine secure.

You get the whole package with this bag because it comes with 2 plastic wine glasses, a bottle stopper, a corkscrew, and 2 napkins, making it perfect for travel, picnics, romantic weekends away, or any day ending in “y”!

Books About Wine

Wine Time: 70+ Recipes for Simple Bites That Pair Perfectly with Wine

  • Pros: easy recipes
  • Cons: n/a

This recipe book features 70+ delicious and easy-to-follow recipes that go well with wine, and it even gives suggestions about what wine to pair.

The book includes beautiful pictures of the recipes, though every recipe doesn’t include a picture (shouldn’t all cookbooks be picture books?!).

Recipes include things like figs with serrano and basil, pork and ricotta meatballs, and the trending charcuterie boards.

This book should be your go-to on your list of inexpensive gifts for wine lovers who like to cook and/or host parties!

Wine for Normal People: A Guide for Real People Who Like Wine, but Not the Snobbery That Goes with It

  • Pros: Lots of visuals
  • Cons: N/A

Do you know someone that wants to explore the world of wine?

If so, Wine for Normal People is a perfect gift for them. This book differs from other wine books in that it’s friendly, down-to-earth, and not at all pretentious.

You’ll feel like a friend is explaining wine to you, like how to make and buy wine, wine etiquette, wine regions, wine vocabulary, and much more.

The book is full of vivid illustrations that go along with the text (picture books!), making it easy to understand and fun to read.

Cork Holders

Metal Monogram Letter

  • Pros: easy-to-use, multifunctional
  • Cons: nothing to prevent the corks from falling out

Don’t let your corks go to waste with this wine cork holder.

The holder comes in letters A-Z as well as the “&” and heart symbol, giving you the freedom to make any name or phrase that you’d like. After placing the holder on the wall with the convenient eyelets, just fill the holder with corks, flowers, or anything else that you’d like to use.

A great thing about this cork holder is it’s 2 inches deep so adhesive isn’t necessary!

Shadowbox Wine Cork Holder

  • Pros: easy-to-use, multifunctional
  • Cons: N/A

This “every cork tells a story” shadow box is a wonderful way for any wine lover to hold on to their memories while adding a touch of decor to their home.

The shadow box is extremely easy to use as well. Just drop the corks in through the drop slot on the top and then you have the option of either standing the shadow box up or hanging it on the wall.

The shadow box measures 10 x 10 inches so it can hold over 100 corks!  Challenge accepted.

Wine Stoppers

Classic Stopper

  • Pros: multifunctional
  • Cons: easily misplaced while drinking

These rabbit wine stoppers are extremely convenient because they don’t just fit in wine bottles, but many other beverages as well, like soda. The stoppers have an airtight seal that ensures that your beverage will stay fresh and flavorful. Plus, the stoppers are made from silicone and stainless steel so they won’t alter the taste of your beverage.

Vacuum Stopper

  • Pros: durable, includes a date marker
  • Cons: requires a bit of effort

This vacuum wine stopper differs from others in that it includes a pump that vacuums the oxygen out of an opened wine bottle and then reseals it with a wine stopper. This ensures that your wine stays fresh for up to 7 days and that it won’t leak.

Plus, the wine stoppers include a convenient date marker where you can mark what time the bottle was last opened.

This wine stopper requires slightly more effort than others but it’s still pretty easy to use. You just insert the stopper into the wine bottle as far as you can, then connect the wine stopper with the wine bottle and pump for 15-20 seconds, or until you feel resistance.

To remove the seal, press the pin in the middle of the wine stopper to break the seal.

Wine Chiller Bucket

Wine Cooler, Stainless Steel

  • Pros: double-wall insulation, sophisticated look
  • Cons: hand-wash only

Say goodbye to warm wine with this convenient and elegant wine cooler.

The best thing about this cooler is that it features double-wall insulation which keeps your wine cool for long periods of time. Plus, the cooler will blend into any setting since it’s a simple design and made of stainless steel with a satin finish.

The cooler is 5 x 7 inches and can hold one standard-sized bottle of wine.

Ice Bucket Wine Chiller

  • Pros: multifunctional, spacious
  • Cons: N/A

We love this ice bucket wine chiller because it has a 4-liter capacity (3 wine bottles) which makes it perfect for large events and gatherings. Whether it be wine, beer, champagne, or any other beverage, you can keep it chilled for hours in this spacious ice bucket.

Plus, it’s clear, so you can easily see the ice levels and watch out for any leaks. And it’s not just for beverages either! You can use this bucket to store books, games, art supplies, or anything else that your heart desires on non-drinking days!

Overall, these products are well-made, convenient, and would make great inexpensive gifts for wine lovers. They’re all $50 or less and easily found on Amazon.

We wouldn’t hesitate to give any of these products to our wine-loving friends and even own and/or have tried almost all of them!

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