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Who we are

We are Samantha (aka Sam) and Chris, a married Virginia couple, and we are boozing abroad (and stateside – since the world shut down). 

We used to be Corporate America folks who slaved away in an office from 8-5 daily with only 2 weeks of vacation. After 8 years of working full-time jobs, we said “f*** this” and opted to find another way to live and travel. 

In 2019, we found ourselves regular full-time REMOTE jobs so we can work AND travel at the same time. 

Flashforward to 2022, we are now full-time RV travelers currently living in a 30 foot Class A motorhome and traveling across the U.S.. 

While we still have limited paid time off, we have made it our mission to travel globally and drink locally. 

Keeping east coast hours, we travel across the U.S. and explore as much as we can when we get off work and on the weekends. So if we’re in Denver, we start at 6 a.m. and wrap up around 3 p.m. which gives us plenty of time to drink!

We are from lil ol’ Richmond, VA  and thank goodness because they are still going through an alcohol rebirth. 

Join us on our neat journey in search of the straight up best beer, wine, spirits & bars around the globe!

How, and Why, We Booze Abroad

Alcohol has been around for literally thousands of years, with evidence of alcoholic drinks dating back to ancient China around 7000 BC.  Cheers to 9,000 years of booze for the humans!

As you might have guessed from the name of our blog, we like to drink, and we like to drink while we travel.  

But we aren’t just some couple that loves to get rowdy and channel our college-aged selves because we miss that era of our lives (although, who doesn’t?).  

Rather, what we have found on our travels is that we learn so much more about the culture of where we are and we meet so many more interesting people when we have a drink in our hands at the local hangout spot….that, and because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad!       

That’s why, when we travel around to all corners of the world, we like to imbibe in the drink(s) of that particular culture.  

And that’s why we always say, “Drink locally. Travel globally.”

We want to inspire you to travel as much as your little heart desires, to challenge your views and preconceived notions of other cultures, and to change your perspective of the world, and maybe even your own daily life.  

If we can do that while having a little fun with some local libations, then so be it!

Intrigued? Keep reading on Why We Booze Abroad.


Boozing Abroad Presents:



Instigator and Travel Enthusiast

A self-proclaimed pirate (solely as an embellished way to say she loves alcohol), Samantha has been traveling since a child.

Fond of all animals and new experiences, she lives to say the words, “I’ll have another” and “what’s local on tap?”.  She rarely meets a stranger and loves to leave with new friends.



Enabler and Travel Lover

With family origins traced to Sicily, Chris has embraced his Italian heritage fawning over pasta, pizza, wine and cheese.

Beyond the Italian facade, he is just a basic man – struggling to find the best IPA and taste as many local carb entrees, appetizers and sides as he can.  Leaving no drink undrunk, Chris is on a mission to taste and appreciate all local drinks.

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