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Hey Y’all! We’re Samantha and Chris!

Also known as Boozing Abroad! We are an adventurous (and thirsty) married travel couple living on the road full time.

Boozing Abroad is a boozy travel blog for people that love to connect with local culture through different libations! Our site will have super in-depth articles about different locations we’ve been to, itineraries and local booze-centric guides to help you drink local when you travel.

We love all types of local drinks (beer, wine, spirits,) and want you to enjoy new delicious drinks too. While we try to focus on drinking local, we also love to hike and do regular touristy things too (we also like to give our livers a break every now and then).

Thank you so much for reading Boozing Abroad and wanting to get to know us. You support us just by showing up and reading our site and it means a lot!

Join us on our neat journey in search of the straight up best beer, wine, spirits & bars around the globe!

We believe the best way to immerse yourself in a new culture is through local booze. We hope to inspire you to travel to a new place and try something you haven’t experienced before!

Favorite International Travel Spot

Out of the 20 countries we’ve been to, we are anxiously awaiting our return to Italy and Argentina.

The tops bucket list destinations are: Spain, London and Australia.

el chalten argentina fitz roy selfie on rock

Favorite U.S. Destinations

At the end of 2022, we’ve visited 41 states so far. Of all the states, our favorites are Montana, South Dakota and Arizona.

Bucket list destinations include: Alaska, Mississippi and Vermont.

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While we are full time digital nomads, we are able to take on a variety of projects and collaborations.

We are usually up for whatever you have in mind (except snakes – hard pass on snakes).

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Frequently Asked Questions

We met through mutual friends when we were both living in Richmond, VA in 2012. Chris’s roommates were throwing a house party and Sam showed up with cases of beer. We became friends, started dating and got married in 2016!

We have full-time regular jobs that are 100% remote. We can work from anywhere and we choose to keep east coast hours no matter where we are. We are also traveling in our RV across North America, so we’ve saved a lot of money on airfare and hotels.

The next one.
But seriously, we enjoy most types of alcohol, except Malört (f*** that stuff)! (Sorry Chicago).

For us personally, the best things are the unexpected places that absolutely take you by surprise. Everyone knows that Paris is awesome, but finding that hidden bar deep in the city, that’s what we love.

The worst thing about full time travel is we can sometimes take things for granted. We see so many friggin AMAZING things, that we have to remind ourselves that even the GREAT things are still amazing.