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Hello there!

We are Samantha (aka Sam) and Chris, a married travel couple, and we are boozing abroad.

Thank you so much for reading Boozing Abroad and wanting to get to know us.  You support us just by showing up and reading our site and it means a lot!

Boozing Abroad is a boozy travel blog for people that love to connect with local culture through different libations! Our site will have super in-depth articles about different locations we’ve been to, itineraries and local booze-centric guides to help you drink local when you travel. 

We love all types of local drinks (beer, wine, spirits,) and want you to enjoy new delicious drinks too.

While we try to focus on drinking local, we also love to hike and do regular touristy things too (we also like to give our livers a break every now and then). 

Join us on our neat journey in search of the straight up best beer, wine, spirits & bars around the globe!

Quick Intro

Alcohol has been around for literally thousands of years, with evidence of alcoholic drinks dating back to ancient China around 7000 BC.  Cheers to 9,000 years of booze for the humans!

As you might have guessed from the name of our blog, we like to drink, and we like to indulge a bit while we travel.  

But we aren’t just some couple that loves to get rowdy and channel our college-aged selves because we miss that era of our lives (although, who doesn’t?).  

Rather, what we have found on our travels is that we learn so much more about the culture of where we are and we meet so many more interesting people when we have a drink in our hands at the local hangout spot….that, and because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad!       

That’s why, when we travel around to all corners of the world, we like to imbibe in the drink(s) of that particular culture.  

And that’s why we always say, “Drink locally. Travel globally.”

We want to inspire you to travel as much as your little heart desires, to challenge your views and preconceived notions of other cultures, and to change your perspective of the world, and maybe even your own daily life.  

If we can do that while having a little fun with some local libations, then so be it!

Drinking Locally

Having met, dated, married, and lived in Richmond, Virginia, for much of our 20s and now into our 30s, we were introduced to the “Drink Local” campaign early on. Richmond has a vibrant alcohol scene, which really gained steam in 2011 when Samantha had just returned from college and Chris had just moved to the city. 

With craft breweries popping up everywhere around town, a heavy influence of wine from the nearby Charlottesville region, and distilleries just beginning to make their mark, Richmond had us hooked on the campaign.  

We love supporting our local businesses at home because of how hard we know the businesses work (and because of how good their product is)!  Once we settled into our post-college, professional lives, and began our global travels together, we continued to support the local businesses when traveling, and many of the local businesses that we were supporting just happened to be the local bars, breweries, wineries, distilleries, etc.  

We have learned so much about countries, cities, and cultures by just sitting and talking to bartenders, of all people, and the “regulars” at the various establishments.

It turns out we were supporting the Drink Local campaign all along….we just didn’t consciously realize we were doing it!  It wasn’t until we started searching for inspiration for this very blog that we realized we were on to something.

Drinking Globally

We love to travel.  We also love to experience new cultures through their local drinks.  Why can’t we combine the two? So that’s exactly what we did!

In reading about our adventures, you may come to find out that we still do some of the “touristy” stuff when we travel, and it most likely won’t involve alcohol at all. GASP!  

We know you can’t fully experience everything a culture, city, or country has to offer through drinking alone.  We aren’t naïve. Heck, most of these “touristy” things don’t even allow alcohol on their premises and/or we wouldn’t want a drink while doing it.  

Think about climbing the dome in St. Peter’s in the Vatican with a drink in hand….sounds extremely difficult and not safe, right?  Believe us, we know how and when to abstain from the booze to ensure we get the full experience of a location!

Another thing we love about boozing abroad is the wonderful and interesting people that we meet along the way.  Everyone knows that your true colors come out once you have a little bit of liquid courage in you, and we just really enjoy getting to know the stories of other travelers and/or locals.  We’ve even made lasting friends with many of the people we have come into contact with during our travels….some of whom we’ve even traveled with again!

From office cubicle to the open road

RV at sunset - about us

We used to be Corporate America folks who slaved away in an cubicle from 8-5 daily with only 2 weeks of vacation. After 8 years of working full-time jobs, we opted to find another way to live and travel.

In 2019, we found ourselves regular full-time REMOTE jobs so we can work AND travel at the same time.

Today, we are now full-time RV travelers currently living in a 35 foot Class A motorhome and traveling across the U.S..

Keeping east coast hours, we travel across the U.S. and explore as much as we can when we get off work and on the weekends. So if we’re in Denver, we start at 6 a.m. and wrap up around 3 p.m. which gives us plenty of time to drink!

We don’t write about RVing on our site (yet), but we absolutely love the open road and wouldn’t be able to have so many incredible experiences without our RV.

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While we are full time digital nomads, we are able to take on a variety of projects and collaborations.

We are usually up for whatever you have in mind (except snakes – hard pass on snakes).

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