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Drink Locally. Travel Globally.

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About Boozing Abroad

Hi! We are Samantha and Chris!

Focused on travel and booze, Boozing Abroad’s motto is to “drink locally and travel globally”. Whether it is a frothy brew, smooth red wine or a colorful craft cocktail, we are out to try all local drinks and enjoy different cultures while boozing around the world.

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Top Drinking Adventures

Drinking locally and traveling globally!

While we are based in the United States, we try to make an international trip at least 3 times a year to booze abroad.  Currently, we are exploring our own massive country boozing stateside through RV Living!

From Argentina to Iceland and Italy to Thailand, our travels have brought us to 4 continents and we’ve imbibed in over 10,000 local drinks! Boozing Abroad is so much more than a motto, but a way of travel.

It’s hard to pick what drinking adventures are our favorites as every local drinking excursion is so eye-opening. Check out our top drinking destinations below!