Wine, Wineries and Vineyards

Wine. It’s a win, with an ‘e’ on the end. 

From rich reds and crisp whites to summer rosés and sparkling bubbles, wine has something to offer everyone. And the world has caught on.

Winery tours and wine tastings are the new weekend trend and wine bars are the new hangout. Winery hopping is also becoming a new trend with wineries and vineyards – even though we’ve been doing this for years. Wine tourism continues to grow as the world enjoys its favorite fortified friend.

Read more below about our ‘drink local’ experiences with different wines from wineries and vineyard from around the world.

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Whether you are new to wine or have been drinking it for years, we’ve created some guides to help you go deeper into your knowledge.

Click on the image below and pour yourself a glass as your uncork the world of wine!

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Old World vs New World Wine - simplifying the grape rivalry in wine by BoozingAbroad
New World Wine - what is it and why you should taste it asap by BoozingAbroad

Wine Destinations

Guide to Wineries in New Kent, Virginia

Guide to Wineries in New Kent, Virginia

Guide to Wineries in New Kent, VirginiaAre you looking for a winery in Richmond? New Kent wine is something unexpected and perfectly located between Richmond, VA and Williamsburg, VA.  New Kent...