5 Can’t Miss Banff Breweries and Beer Bars in Canada

If you’re looking for info on the Banff breweries and beer bars, our guide has got you covered.

The town of Banff is such a special place because, unlike many of the U.S. national parks, it’s actually located within Banff National Park and this little town is a true gateway to the park. And even better, they are lucky enough to have breweries and bars to visit!

For the purpose of this article, we are only going to cover the ACTUAL Banff breweries and beer bars that are physically located IN Banff and not in the nearby towns (like Canmore).

With that being said, there are only 2 Banff breweries and 3 beer bars on this list for you to grab a frothy beverage at. Buckle up, buttercups!

We’re about to embark on a sudsy, hop-filled tour of Banff’s best beer spots.

Short on Time? Here are the key takeaways:

  • There are only 2 actual breweries in Banff
  • While there are a lot of bars, only a few focus on beer
  • In our opinion, don’t miss Three Bears Brewery 

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Map of breweries and bars in Banff

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Banff Breweries

Banff Ave Brewing Co

Banff Ave Brewing in Banff Canada
  • Hours:
    • The Pub:
      • Monday – Wednesday: 12PM to 12AM
      • Thursday & Friday: 12PM to 1AM
      • Saturday: 11:30AM – 1AM
      • Sunday: 11:30AM – 12AM
    • The Taproom: Daily 12PM – 10PM
  • Happy Hour: Daily from 9PM – midnight

First stop: Banff Ave Brewing Co. – the spot where they take brewing beer more seriously than a moose in mating season (just kidding! sorta).

Born in 2010 and sired by Jasper Brewing Co, this joint is as much a part of Banff as the mountains and the grizzlies.

Banff Ave Brewing Co. specializes in crafting its own exclusive, drool-worthy beers. And here’s the cool part, these brews are like rare diamonds (as rare as a polite Canadian hockey player). They can’t be purchased anywhere else outside of Banff, so you’re tasting a piece of the Rockies with every sip!

Sink into the relaxed vibe at their taproom on the street level to watch Banff’s own “wildlife” amble about. Their upstairs pub is more of a restaurant, complete with a fully stocked bar, a balcony overlooking the main street below and a pool table located towards the rear. The hours do vary between the two so check the times before visiting. 

As they say at Banff Ave Brewing, “life tastes pretty good at 1383 meters!” (That’s 4,537 for all you Americans out there). When we visited, we each grabbed a pint and enjoyed the view from the balcony.

Of note, while there are still a lot of recent reviews that rave about this place, there has been an uptick in people mentioning slower food service. Give yourself a little extra time to really enjoy those beers while you wait. 

Three Bears Brewery & Restaurant

Three Bears Brewing - Banff Brewing in Canada
Three Bears Brewing - Banff Brewing
  • Hours: Daily from 11AM – 10PM
  • Happy Hour: 3PM – 5PM

Picture sipping beer under a pine tree while staring at the stars. Nope, you’re not dreaming, you’re at Three Bears Brewery & Restaurant. They’ve managed to bring the wilderness inside with deep browns and luscious green plants strewn about in addition to a retractable roof for stargazing and a beer garden for those sunny days.

Their upstairs patio overlooks the mountain range so no matter where you sit, you’ll have a small bit of Banff inside with you. 

Don’t be fooled though, this isn’t just a brewery, it’s a full-blown culinary adventure. The menu is vast and they consistently get rave reviews for their food. From lamb ribs and chicken wings to crispy waffle fries and pizza, come hungry.

Their flights come with 6 samplers including a rotating tap. They usually “infuse” one of their beers daily which is a fan favorite. 

Banff Beer Bars

The Canadian Brewhouse (Banff)

Canadian Brewhouse
  • Hours: 
    • Monday – Thursday: 11:30AM – 2AM
    • Friday – Sunday: 11AM – 2AM
  • Happy Hour: Monday – Friday: from open – 7PM ($5.99 steins for all beers)

The Canadian Brewhouse, a lovechild of Roger Newton’s passion for sports and Canadian heritage, makes you feel right at home, but with more TV screens and way better beer. It’s the ultimate sports bar, serving up great food, strong drinks, and a bucket load of fun events.

With roots dating back to 2002 in Edmonton, this sports bar has made its mark across the country, recently adding Banff to its roster in 2022. This is a fairly large Canadian restaurant chain and offers a sports bar vibe. It reminded us of a TGI Friday’s or Applebee’s in the states.

Unique to their Banff location as of December 2022 is the Belvedere Ice Room. Offering a one-of-a-kind tasting experience in their exclusive sub-zero spirit tasting room, this designed room is made entirely of handcrafted ice and snow, maintaining a constant temperature of -35°C (-31°F) to preserve the purity of their products. 

You’ll be given a loaner goose-down jacket and mittens to keep you toasty while you drink literally ICE cold drinks. Although most people don’t make it past the 15-minute mark.

You must be 18 years or older to enter. Reservations are not required, but it does cost $29.99 CAD per person. Since it’s sponsored by Belvedere, expect to do some vodka tastings. 

High Rollers Bowling & Beer Hall

High Roller - Banff beer bar
High Roller Banff beer bar
  • Hours:
    • Monday, Wednesday – Friday: 3PM – 2AM
    • Tuesday: 3PM – 1AM
    • Saturday & Sunday: 12PM – 2AM
  • Happy Hour: Daily from 3-5PM, specials rotate by day
    • Draft pint beers at $6.50 CAD!

High Rollers Bowling & Beer Hall probably feels strange to have a bowling alley on this Banff breweries list, but hear me out.

Nestled in the heart of Banff, High Rollers is more than just a boutique bowling alley. It’s a beer lover’s paradise with 48 craft beers on tap – sourced from British Columbia, Alberta, and the US.

Yes, 48 craft beers on tap.

We visited during their happy hour and were absolutely delighted to learn that all 48 beers are just $6.50 CAD a pint. They also do flights as well, but you can’t be that happy hour price in Banff in our opinion.

Couple things to know before you go. If you want to bowl, there are only 4 lanes so just be prepare to wait a bit if they are busy. They also have a full menu and bar if you get hungry or have friends that don’t want beer.

Bear Street Tavern

Bear Street Tavern Banff Canada
  • Hours: Daily from 11AM – 10PM
  • Happy Hour: Yes, but specials rotate by day. Check Facebook for the most up-to-date info.

Prepare to witness a tantalizing feast for the senses at Bear Street Tavern where signature pizzas, sandwiches, and cast iron specialties await to satiate the hunger of any daring Banff adventurer. 

While there are only 7 beers on tap, they have over 30+ bottles and cans that showcase local Canadian beers. You may have come for the beer, but the showstopper here is their pizza. 

The Godfather Pizza - Bear Street Tavern
The Godfather
Bear Street Tavern Pizza
The Big Bird

Behold the culinary masterpiece known as “The Godfather” from their signature menu (above left).

This divine creation intertwines the flavors of savory prosciutto, peppery arugula, and delectable cheese, resulting in a dish that may seem simple at first glance, but is undeniably refreshing and absolutely delightful to the palate. Chris ordered this and was absolutely impressed how much flavor this pizza had.

I got The Big Bird which included basil, marinated chicken, bacon, spinach, red onions, goat cheese, mozzarella and topped with this savory spinach / basil pesto.

It was very good and I was excited to have leftovers the next day! Prepare to be enchanted by this harmonious blend of ingredients that will leave you craving more with each scrumptious bite.

Whether you’re looking to nestle in a cozy booth or have a large party, there’s ample space for everyone to grab a brew and slice. They have two outside patios as well to enjoy the mountains in the background.

From forest-inspired interiors to beers so unique they’re practically unicorns, Banff’s beer scene is as vibrant as a double rainbow. But remember, kiddos, the real magic of Banff is the whole package – the majestic views, the wonderful people, and the unforgettable experiences. 

So, when you’re done with your mountain shenanigans, get your tired tush into a cozy brewpub and soak in all that Banff has to offer. Because nothing says “I love you, Banff” quite like a locally-brewed beer clutched in your hand as you watch the sunset over the Rockies. Bottoms up, Banff!

Still Thirsty? We have another beer guide for Banff.

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