Drinking guide to Jackson Hole Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries

If you are visiting the Grand Teton National Park, chances are pretty good that you’ll end up in the town of Jackson, Wyoming. For a town of only 6,000 people, Jackson’s booze scene is surprisingly robust.

Check out our list below for a guide to the Jackson Hole Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries!

Short on Time? Here are the key takeaways:

  • Given it’s size, it’s impressive how many options there are for drinking in Jackson Hole.
  • In our opinion, don’t skip StillWest Brewery, Jackson Hole Still Works or the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.

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Map of Jackson Hole booze spots

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Jackson Hole Breweries 

Roadhouse Brewing Co

Roadhouse brewing jackson hole tetons
  • Summer Hours: TBD
  • Food Available: Yes, full menu at brewpub

What started in a billiards room of the Roadhouse Pub & Eatery, Roadhouse Brewing Co. is a combination of a brewer wanting food to complement his beer and a chef wanting beer to complement his food.  

You can get their tasty beers and food in the downtown Jackson location which is home to the restaurant and directly across from the famed antler-adorned Jackson Town Square.  Or you can visit the brewery and taproom about 2.5 miles away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Jackson. 

We visited the downtown Pub & Eatery location during COVID, so we got to enjoy some beers on their makeshift outdoor patio and do some people-watching. 

You’ll find numerous styles of IPAs and pale ales as well as a cream ale and some Belgian-inspired beers.  Although none of the Jackson Hole breweries are difficult to access, this will probably be the most accessible given its two locations and its close proximity to the main street in Jackson.

StillWest Brewery

Stillwest brewing jackson hole WY
  • Summer Hours:
    • Monday – Saturday – 11:00am – 10pm
    • Sunday – 11:00am – 9pm
  • Food Available: Yes, upstairs at the grill

StillWest Brewery and Grill is the furthest south of the Jackson Hole breweries (if we don’t count Roadhouse’s taproom) and is focused on elevating the Western experience.  Serving up great beer and food at about 6,200 feet in elevation and right next to Snow King Mountain, we’d say they are elevating the experience just fine! 

You can find 5 flagship beers (kolsch, Bavarian Pilsner, pale ale, Irish red ale, and a Baltic porter), some other rotating seasonal options, and even wine and cocktails.

The husband-and-wife owners, high school friends who re-connected 28 years later, moved to Jackson and got married in 2017 and started StillWest shortly thereafter. 

As a diehard Bama fan, Chris can’t believe husband-owner Don, a Bama alum, was able to stomach marrying wife-owner, an Auburn alum, Chaney.  She must have some other redeeming qualities, like her love of great craft beer!  Roll tide!

In addition to both owners, the chef and the manager of StillWest have each lived in the south, only to settle out west, so it’s no surprise to see a heavy southern influence on things like their Southern Sunday Brunch menu, offering up southern staples like chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy, or the Bama sandwich.

Snake River Brewing

snake river jackson hole breweries-2
  • Summer Hours: Daily from 11 AM – 10 PM
  • Food Available: Yes

As Wyoming’s first brewpub, and thus the first of the Jackson Hole breweries, Snake River Brewing began when a former Anheuser Busch distributor from Oregon wanted to open a brewery. For the location, he decided on his favorite ski town of Jackson, Wyoming. And that was all the way back in 1994!

Today, Snake River Brewing is brewing up a wide variety of craft brews that are perfect for an evening after a long day on the slopes or out on the trails in Grand Teton National Park. 

Over the years, their beers have won awards at all of the prestigious beer competitions and they’ve even won Small Brewery of the Year on two different occasions.

Our favorites from our visit were the Hike it Out Hefeweizen and the Earned It New England IPA (even Samantha picked the IPA as her favorite).  After all the hiking we did during our time in the Tetons, we’d definitely say we’ve earned it!

Jackson Hole Winery 

  • Summer Hours: Tuesday – Sunday (Closed Monday) from 12:00 PM – 6:00PM
  • Reservations Required: Yes
  • Food Available: No

Sitting at the base of the Grand Tetons at about 6,200 feet, Jackson Hole Winery is one of the higher wineries in the country (and the world) and was started because the winemaker wanted to explore the benefits of making wine at a high altitude. 

Based on the taste of the wine we had and their trophy case (numerous national and international awards), it’s safe to say he has figured out the benefits and perfected them!

A very short growing season and unpredictable frosts make it next to impossible to grow grapes here (source grapes from seven of its own vineyards in Sonoma, and additional fruit from Sonoma, Napa and Walla Walla, WA), but the cooler temperatures and reduced oxygen makes Jackson Hole a great place to actually make the wine.

Every year, a team from the winery makes the 900-mile drive to Sonoma for harvest and immediately transports the grapes back to Jackson Hole where the winemaking process begins right away. 

Although it’s tough work, we just love their attitude about their labor of love, “Passion is our driver, nature is our provider, and drinking is our reward.”  Cheers to that!

We really enjoyed the 2018 Rendezvous Red which is a blend of Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Merlot, and Petite Syrah. 

If you’re in need of some local wine while you’re in Grand Teton National Park, definitely give Jackson Hole Winery a try.

Jackson Hole Distilleries 

Jackson Hole Still Works

STill works jackson hole distillery
  • Summer Hours: Daily 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Food Available: No
  • Distillery Tours: Yes, daily at 2 and 4 PM

About 5 miles south of the cluster of Jackson Hole breweries is Jackson Hole Still Works, a craft distillery dedicated to a grain-to-glass approach and using all locally-sourced ingredients from the great state of Wyoming. 

From the grains to the crisp mountain water, everything used in their spirits is ultra-local.  Even further, they don’t outsource a single portion of their spirit-making process (except for the farming): milling the grain, mashing, fermenting, distilling, aging, and bottling is all done in-house.

Currently, they have vodka and gin with whiskey aging in the barrels as we speak. 

And each year, to support the local art association, they have a contest for local artists to submit artwork for their vodka label, which they change each year to the winner’s submission. 

All of the proceeds go to the Art Association of Jackson Hole.  So be on the lookout for the changing vodka labels if you’re looking for this spirit in stores.

We recently spent an evening here in our RV as part of the Harvest Hosts network and loved our Sloshies (frozen slushie cocktails) on the warm summer day.  This is definitely the closest we’ve ever slept to a distillery!

Bonus Booze Stops 

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

jackson hole bar- million dollar cowboy steakhouse
jackson hole bar- million dollar cowboy steakhouse
  • Summer Hours: 7 days a week
  • Food Available: Yes
  • Must be 21 to enter. No minors allowed.

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is Wyoming’s landmark watering hole located on the town square in the heart of Jackson, catty-corner to Roadhouse Pub & Eatery. While a bit of a tourist trap, it is a neat place to knock down a couple of cold ones and has hosted some celebrities and royalty alike since opening in 1937.

Again, not one of the Jackson Hole breweries, but they are serving up local craft beer from the area, signature cocktails, and typical bar food.

The Cowboy Bar is also well-known for its western dancing and live entertainment. Country western legends such as Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Jr., and Willie Nelson, among others, have all performed here.

Come saddle up at the bar (literally, your bar seat is a saddle) and enjoy one of Jackson’s iconic experiences. For those of you traveling with kids, be mindful that you must be over 21 to enter the bar.

Grand Teton Brewing

grand tetons brewing

When did you go to your first craft brewery? We’ll venture a guess and say it was sometime in the 2000s or 2010s. Well, Grand Teton Brewing has been brewing fresh beer since 1988!

And while not one of the four Jackson Hole breweries above, you’ll still see the recognizable cans all over Jackson Hole.

The brewery actually began as Otto Brothers’ Brewing Company, founded by, you guessed it, the Otto brothers.

Wyoming’s first modern microbrewery didn’t get to open its doors until 1992 because of state law, but they always support local and utilize local barley from Teton Valley, water from nearby glacial run-off, and even hops from southern Idaho farms. 

Today, under new ownership, the brewery is located just across the Wyoming-Idaho border in Victor, Idaho, which is a gorgeous, but somewhat harrowing 30-minute drive from Jackson over and through Teton Pass. 

Super fun fact: in 1989, the Otto brothers re-discovered a forgotten European tin-pail known as a “growler” and decided to introduce it in a more modern glass jug version.

Thank the Otto’s for all those environmentally-friendly growlers you have sitting on your shelf at home!

We had several of their beers, but enjoyed the Mountain Berry sour ale (raspberry, boysenberry, blackberry, and blueberry) and the Bitch Creek brown ale during our hikes in and around the Tetons. 

Grand Teton Distillery

grand teton distillery

A distillery located in Idaho. Of course they are making potato vodka with Idaho potatoes! 

And this vodka is distilled the equivalent of 20 times and then freeze-filtered six times through charcoal and garnet crystal.

The end result? A clean, soft, pure, and high-quality vodka.⁣ 

In addition to the local potatoes, Grand Teton Distillery uses many other local and regional ingredients, and also uses sustainable energy practices to reduce its carbon footprint.

The mountains surrounding the distillery get 500 to 800 inches of snow each winter (not a typo) which provides tons of snow melt and clear mountain water. That’s why they say today’s snow is tomorrow’s spirits.⁣

With a view of the Tetons to die for, go visit the distillery in Driggs, Idaho, when you’re passing through Yellowstone or the Grand Tetons for their award-winning vodka.

But don’t forget to try some of their award-winning whiskey and bourbon too!⁣

grand tetons beer sam

While you’re likely coming to Jackson, Wyoming, to experience the great outdoors and the awesome beauty of Grand Teton National Park, rather than to bar hop, it’s great to know there are several local options to toast a good day.

The offerings from the Jackson Hole breweries, distilleries, and winery can all be found throughout the area, so if you can’t make it to one of their locations, check the grocery stores, restaurants, and the general stores in and around the national park.

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