The Complete Guide to the Black Hills Wineries in South Dakota

The Complete Guide to the Black Hills Wineries in South Dakota by BoozingAbroad

Whether you are visiting the Black Hills to see the “Fab Four” at Mount Rushmore or you’re stuck in a bison traffic jam, a trip to this beautiful South Dakota region isn’t complete without stopping at the many Black Hills wineries.

No matter where you are in the Black Hills, there is sure to be a winery nearby and easy to access. 

We visit South Dakota yearly and in 2022, we spent over 2 months in the Black Hills. 

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Map of Wineries in the Black Hills

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Hill City

Prairie Berry Winery

Prarie Berry Blackhills Wine - South Dakota

Growing up in a wine-making family, Prairie Berry Winery’s fifth-generation winemaker Sandi learned from a very young age about the different fruits of the region and how to make wine with them. Teach ’em young, they say!

Prairie Berry is located in the middle of South Dakota’s beautiful Black Hills and produces some of the region’s best wines, as evidenced by the thousands (yes, thousands) of awards it has won for its wine since opening in 1999.

South Dakota’s climate isn’t exactly ideal grape growing-weather either, but that didn’t stop any of Sandi’s ancestors and certainly hasn’t stopped Sandi today.

Instead, they have all used the fruits of the region such as chokecherries, buffaloberries, wild grapes, and wild plums, or South Dakota’s “prairie berries”, as Sandi’s great-great grandmother coined them.

Prarie Berry Blackhills Wine - South Dakota

While many of the wines are a bit on the sweeter side, they do have your typical dryer European-style wines to satisfy every palate.

With free wine tastings, a full restaurant onsite, and a sister brewery just down the sidewalk (see below), you need to come experience Prairie Berry. 

Their best-selling, most award-winning, and most well-known wine is the Red Ass Rhubarb which is a tart mix of raspberries and rhubarb, but actually came about by mistake. Sandi’s dad was helping out in the winery one day and accidentally mixed the wrong fruit into the wine they were making.

His face got so red and he felt so terrible that they slapped a donkey on the label and called it Red Ass Rhubarb!

Naughti Winery

Naked Wine - Blackhills Winery - South Dakota

Naughti Winery is the sister winery to Sick N Twisted brewery (see below). They are a “naked wine” meaning they don’t add any additional sugars to the wines and they have a lot of fun with the names of the wine too. ⁠

We tried Foreplay, an oaky-Chardonnay, which was then followed by Penetration, a 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon. After enjoying such tantalizing flavors, it was only natural that we finished with Climax, an American Red Wine. ⁠

Naughti Winery figured out that drinking outside is the best and they have a plastic wine bottle, made specifically for taking outside and hiking throughout the Black Hills or wherever you are. Yay to not taking glass into nature!⁠

Firehouse SmokeJumper Station (Firehouse Wine Cellars)

firehouse winery black hills
“Together we have found our roots under the South Dakota sun.” That’s what is inscribed on the bottle of The American wine produced by Firehouse Wine Cellars in nearby Rapid City.  Winemaker Michael Gould’s grandfather came over from Italy many years ago on a ship called America and continued the family tradition of making wine in his new country. Today, Michael continues that same family tradition using Marquette grapes grown on the family estate just south of Rapid City, South Dakota.⁣

Michael says that, genetically, both he and the grapes are grandsons as the Marquette grapes are descendants of the Pinot Noir. And both are finding their roots under this beautiful South Dakota sun.⁣

As we mentioned, the wine is produced in downtown Rapid City where the original tasting room is, but this satellite tasting room is complete with wine, craft beer (see more below) and a full menu of food.

Bonus: Twisted Pine Tasting Room

Twisted Pine - brewery and tasting room - hill city south dakota

Located on the main downtown street in Hill City, Twisted Pine is the place to go to taste a wide variety of South Dakota wines. Their tasting room features wine from every corner of the state and also has olive oils and cheese to pair with your purchase.

If you are running short on time and can’t make it to all the wineries, this is a great option to be able to taste a variety of Black Hills wineries.

Double bonus: they brew their own beers! If you aren’t up for a wine tasting, you can grab some suds instead. 


Grapes & Grinds

Grapes & Grinds Keystone South Dakota

Looking to sample local wine for FREE?

Look no further than Grapes & Grinds in Custer.

At Grapes & Grinds, they carry the best of the local Black Hills wineries. In addition to wine, it’s also a coffee bar. Start your day with a coffee and bagel, then move on to the good stuff – wine.

They also have over 10 flavors of gelato so bring the kids for ice cream and treat yourself to some wine, anytime of day! The best part is you can sample 5 wines for free with no strings attached. They also do wine by the glass and bottles to go.


Belle Joli’ Winery

belle joli winery deadwood

Belle Joli’ Winery’s tasting room is located at the northern end of Deadwood’s Main Street, where all of the fun begins. Planting its first vines back in 2000 in nearby Belle Fourche, SD, the wine-loving family behind Belle Joli’ always wanted to capitalize on the rich soil of the Black Hills and craft a locally-grown-and-produced lineup of wine. 

They take pride in producing wines that are grown, harvested, and bottled in and around the Black Hills and believe that the whole wine making process is deeply “rooted” to the heart and soul of the land and celebrates all of nature’s wonders and beauty. Wine always has been a romantic! 

belle joli black hills wineries

Though South Dakota’s climate can present many challenges to grape varietals, Belle Joli’ is embracing its terroir and succeeding so much that they have expanded into making sparkling wine at their sparkling house just up the road in Sturgis. 

We aren’t usually the biggest fans of dessert wines, but Belle Joli’ pleasantly surprised us with their Holiday Cheer white wine, whose tasting notes described it as a lollipop or a melting butterscotch, and the Ruby Estate port wine which was a deep cherry and plum flavor with just a hint of caramel. 

Naughti Winery

As previously mentioned above, Naughti Winery is the sister winery to Sick N Twisted brewery. 

If you are in downtown Deadwood, look for the Sick-N-Twisted on main street. Inside, you’ll be able to sample and purchase the Naughi Wine collection here. 

Bonus: His & Hers Ale House and Wine Bar

His & Hers bar - deadwood south dakota

Can’t decide between local beer or a glass of wine? You don’t have to. You can head over to His & Hers Ale House and Wine Bar to sip on some of their wines as well as find a new friend who likes beer.

With local beers on tap, grab yourself a pint or a delicious glass of wine. This is a great place to hang out before the gunfight reenactment in Deadwood.

Overall Black Hills Wineries 

The Black Hills wineries and breweries have something to offer all of your taste and flavor desires. Most of the wineries in the Black Hills also have a brewery attached to it or a stone’s throw away.  So no matter your preference, you can find something to sip on. With so many things to do in the Black Hills, be sure to check out our ultimate Black Hills road trip guide to make sure you hit all the highlights!

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