Ultimate Guide to Richmond Distilleries in Virginia

When visiting a local place, we don’t limit ourselves to just beer and wine. There are 3 Richmond distilleries located within 1 mile of each other and a few others that are worth the trip outside the city center. 

You’ve probably read or heard about (or have seen us drinking in) the rapidly growing craft beer scene in the Richmond market, so it’s no wonder that craft beer gets so much of the publicity.

However, if you’re not one for the carbonated suds or just want the hard stuff, a growing population of distilleries in Richmond, many of which are conveniently located near the breweries (Coincidence? We think not!), making visiting these places super easy!

Also, thanks to some much-needed liquor law changes in recent years (but still not so great), you can now taste, onsite, the great liquors that these places are producing (albeit in limited quantities) and craft your own distillery-hopping tour.  

Yeah, that’s right….distillery hopping: like brewery hopping, but for bad-asses!

Short on Time? Here are the key takeaways:

  • Virginia Liquor Laws limit how many ounces you can try at a distillery
  • If you are looking to try a few, Cirrus, Virago and Reservoir are all within 2 miles of each other in the Scott’s Addition Neighborhood

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This post was originally published in May 2019, and was updated in February 2024.

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Quick rant on Virginia Distillery Laws 

Virginia has very strict alcohol laws (controlled and regulated by the state) that are slowly catching up to modern times (hopefully in this millennium).

However, Richmond distilleries still have it pretty bad as they are only allowed to serve 3 ounces of liquor to be consumed onsite per-person, per-day.  (Sarcasm: way to support local businesses, Virginia.)

End rant. On to the Guide to Richmond distilleries….

Map of Richmond Distilleries

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Richmond Distilleries 

Cirrus Vodka

Distillery in Richmond - Cirrus Vodka
  • Hours:
    • Thursday & Friday: 5 PM – 9 PM
    • Saturday: 1 PM – 9 PM
    • Sunday: 1 PM – 6 PM

Thought potatoes were only good for eating mashed or fried? Think again.

Cirrus Vodka, located right near Hardywood’s RVA location, has found one of the best uses (in our opinion) for potatoes: distilling vodka. All other vegetables need to step up their game!

If it’s your first time visiting, make sure you try the vodka by itself so you can taste the smoothness and sheer perfection of the spirit.

100% potatoes throughout the process make this drink 100% gluten-free!  

They offer a flight of delicious cocktails for tasting which makes this the perfect first stop on this distillery hopping adventure.

Make sure you ask about getting a tour of the distillery too, so you can find out about their commitment to excellence.

Click for Cirrus Vodka Tour info!

Virago Spirits

Distillery in Richmond - Virago
  • Hours:
    • Thursday: 4 PM – 9:30 PM
    • Friday & Saturday: 2 PM – 9:30 PM
    • Sunday: 2 PM – 6 PM

Virago Spirits is said to get their inspiration from the Virago, a heroic woman of great strength, courage, and determination.  

After tasting one (actually, both) of their rums, we definitely think they embodied those characteristics into their creations.  

Virago distills its rums in a “vintage, direct-fire, 2,500-liter Charentais-style alembic still – one of only a few operating in the United States”.  

If you speak with one of the bartenders or distillers, you’ll be able to tell just how much they care about and value the very laborious process they use.  

The two main spirits are the Four-Port Rum, which is a blend of pot and column-distilled rums from four Caribbean ports (Barbados, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama) and the Ruby Port Cask-Finished Rum.  

Both of these rums have won a variety of prestigious national and international awards, including a gold medal (Four-Port Rum) and a platinum medal/Best-in-Show (Ruby Port Cask Finished Rum) in the gold rum category of the World Spirits Competition!  

Talk about high-quality products…..winning the two highest awards for your spirits category with both of your products and from a Richmond distillery!

The tasting room, located only about 10 minutes by foot from James River Distillery or Hardywood, is very cozy with comfy couches and chairs to relax in while you sip on your award-winning rum!  

Like Cirrus and James River above, before you go running straight for the cocktails, make sure you get a taste of the straight liquor first.

Reservoir Distillery

Reservoir Distillery in Richmond
  • Hours:
    • Monday, Wednesday – Saturday: 1 PM – 9 PM
    • Sunday: 1 PM – 6 PM
    • Tuesday: Closed

Reservoir Distillery is situated just a stone’s throw away from all the breweries in the heart of Richmond’s booziest neighborhood, Scott’s Addition.  

This tasting room got a face lift in 2023 and has ample seating and a much larger bar area.

Something unique about Reservoir is that they specialize in and use primarily quarter casks, which are smaller than your normal barrels, and they use these barrels only one time.  

The barrels are then repurposed to use at breweries, wineries, meaderies, other distilleries, etc. Might as well make good use of a dead tree!

You can sample the whiskey straight or choose a cocktail from their menu. If you are visiting with a friend who doesn’t like whiskey (sorry about your luck), they have a drink called “I Don’t Drink Whiskey”. When we visited recently, our friend who claims to hate whiskey ordered it and she drank every last drop.

Trial & Error Distillery

  • Hours:
    • Wednesday: 11 AM – 3 PM
    • Thursday & Friday: 10 AM – 7 PM
    • Saturday: 1 PM – 9 PM
    • Sunday – Tuesday: Closed

Trial & Error is located in the heart of The Fan, one of Richmond’s most iconic and historic neighborhoods and just a few minutes away from Scott’s Addition.

For years, this particular storefront, named Bombolini, was the local spot for delicious handmade pasta and sandwiches.

The fresh pasta business is still alive and well and operates out of the same storefront; but back in 2017, the owners followed their passion for experimentation and opened Trial & Error Distillery, where experimenting is literally the name of the game.

As their name suggests, they are not afraid to try just about any type of spirit, and their menu echoes that with one of the most diverse offerings of the Richmond distilleries.

With everything from the staples (gin, rum, whiskey, vodka) to some lesser-known spirits (grappa, limoncello, aquavit) to interesting experiments-turned-spirits (hopped whiskey, pear fig cordial), you’ll enjoy your trial-and-error tasting process just as much as the distillers enjoyed their trial-and-error production process.

Stop in for a craft cocktail and grab some pasta for dinner!

Belle Isle Craft Spirits

belle isle canned cocktail pumpkin festival in richmond
Sam drinking Belle Isle canned cocktail at festival
  • Hours:
    • Wednesday – Saturday: 11 AM – 7 PM
    • Sunday – Tuesday: Closed

Belle Isle Craft Spirits has finally opened a tasting room in the South Side of Richmond and is a quick 15 minute car ride from Scott’s Addition. 

They have a great lineup of moonshines including Honey Habanero and Cold Brew Coffee, which is brewed in collaboration with Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Company, another local business. They also have a line of ready to drink cocktails which we both really enjoy. 

Belle Isle takes its name from the nearby island which is rich with Richmond history.  The island is smack-dab-in-the-middle of Richmond and connects opposite sides of the side across the James River.  

Belle Isle, the moonshine-maker, strives to be a bridge between opposite sides too, “a meeting point where good people come together and make great things happen.”  

As their website perfectly quips, Belle Isle wants to “bridge together lessons from the past, passion in the present, and dreams for the future, and bottle it all up to make something spectacular.”

A favorite of locals among all of Richmond distilleries, be sure to try them at many of Richmond bars.

Bonus: Three Crosses Distilling Company (Powhatan)

three crosses distilling
  • Hours:
    • Thursday – Saturday: 11 AM – 8 PM
    • Sunday: 11 AM – 5 PM
    • Monday – Wednesday: Closed

Well worth the 45-minute drive west from downtown Richmond (and one of our favorite), Three Crosses Distilling Company is a family-owned distillery in Powhatan, Virginia. 

They offer a variety of incredible cocktails using one of their craft liquors: American Whiskey, Moonshine, White Rum and Vodka. Three of their spirits (whiskey, spiced rum, and vodka) have won medals at some of the most prestigious spirits competitions around! 

Their tasting room has a country feel with the backdrop of the bar being a window into their handcrafted distillery. 

With numerous options for cocktails, we suggest trying a smoked Old Fashioned with their homemade Blackberry bitters. Their head bartender uses locally sourced ingredients for all the homemade mixes and syrups. 

Three Crosses Distilling is also committed to supporting the local community around them as well as other charitable causes. 

Check out their Facebook page for all of the updates on the events and causes you can support! 

We really believe this is a must-do stop when following our Richmond distilleries guide! When you do stop by, tell them that Boozing Abroad sent you and enjoy drinking their fantastic spirits!

Sleepy Fox Distillery (Bottle Sales only)

sleepy-fox-distillery sample

About 20 minutes north of Richmond to Ashland, you’ll find Sleepy Fox Distillery.  

In addition to vodka, whiskey, and bourbon, Sleepy Fox also has 6 different varieties of moonshine for purchase.

They closed their tasting room in 2023, but you can still purchase bottles only at Layne’s Country Store.  

Where to Stay near the Richmond Distilleries 

As you might have read in our Scott’s Addition Breweries post, the hotels in the area aren’t the best and we don’t suggest them for multiple reasons. Instead, we suggest staying downtown at these places below!

Booking.com probably has the widest selection of budget (and luxury) accommodations in the world. In our experience, they consistently found the cheapest rooms. We also like their easy to use interface and no money down policy. When we book our travel stays, we personally use booking.com.

Downtown Richmond Hotels

Luxury: Quirk Hotel

Quirk is a boutique hotel that was named one of the south’s best hotels by Southern Living magazine in 2018!  The rooms are super bright and fun, the seasonal and locally-inspired menus at the Maple and Pine restaurant are delicious, and the Q Rooftop Bar offers some great views of Richmond while soaking up some sun and sucking down some drinks!  See current price and book your hotel here

Mid-range: The Graduate

The Graduate is a newer boutique hotel chain popping up around the country with hotels located in the heart of college towns.  See current price and book your hotel here

Budget: Linden Row Inn

This hotel has so much history to it and is centrally located right near Richmond’s restaurant row, just down the road from The Graduate and The Jefferson Hotel.  See current price and book your hotel here

So, are you ready to try all the local spirits all the Richmond Distilleries have to offer? There are so many great craft distilleries in the RVA area, you’ll be sorry to miss out on any! 

Looking for more Richmond guides? We have a bunch! View all our guides here or browse the most popular ones below:

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But where do we personally recommend? The Graduate Hotel is our hands-down favorite boutique hotel in the city. Their roof top bar has epic views too!

Don’t forget to pick up a Richmond guidebook for your other Richmond adventures.

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    1. Hi George, we LOVE to hear that. It’s always fun to explore local booze when you travel. Gives you a different view of the local culture. We loved the Bourbon Trail and hope to have that content up in the next couple of months. Stay safe and drink local! Cheers! – Sam and Chris

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