Self-Guided Brewery Tour in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Self-Guided Brewery Tour in Milwaukee Wisconsin by BoozingAbroad

Affectionately known as “Brew City”, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has a very long history (nearly two centuries-long) with brewing beer: Miller Brewing Company, Pabst Brewing Company, and Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company all claim Milwaukee as home. 

While doing a brewery tour in Milwaukee has to be on every beer drinkers’ bucket list, it might be at breweries you didn’t expect given Milwaukee’s history with these major brewers.

Surprisingly a little bit late to the craft beer party, especially considering the city’s love of beer and its so-called “drinking culture,” Brew City’s craft beer scene has been fermenting over the past several years and its popularity has grown significantly, proving that craft brewers can survive in the shadows of the big boys. 

You just need a thirsty city. 

We spent 2.5 days in downtown Milwaukee and constructed our own brewery-hopping tour of Brew City. 

As you might expect, when deciding on a game plan for a brewery tour in Milwaukee, you are going to have plenty of choices.

However, the cheapest and most flexible option is to do a self-guided brewery tour of numerous breweries and the surrounding neighborhoods!  

Milwaukee is an easy-to-navigate city that has plenty of Ubers, Lyfts, and scooters (Spin, Lime, and Bird — ride on the street, not the sidewalk) to get you around. 

Don’t be an idiot on a scooter though…drunk scootering is a thing and very dangerous, so use common sense when deciding on using a scooter.  

Milwaukee also has a fleet of streetcars, called The Hop (an ode to beer and the hop-on, hop-off style of the streetcar), that motors around downtown. 

Current stops aren’t super close to the numerous breweries in the city, but there is an expansion planned to extend service to a wider area, which would be closer to the breweries. 

That would give “brewery hopping” a whole new meaning.  

Table of Contents

  • Where to Stay in Milwaukee
  • Self Guided Brewery Tour in Milwaukee
    • Day 1
      • Lakefront Brewing
      • Good City Brewing
      • Eagle Park Brewing
      • Dead Bird Brewing
      • Water Street Brewery
      • SafeHouse
    • Day 2
      • Great Lakes Distillery
      • MobCraft Beer Brewery and Taproom
      • Broken Bat Brewery
      • Pabst Milwaukee Brewery & Taproom
      • Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery
      • Milwaukee Brewing Company
      • Old German Beer Hall
  • Sightseeing
    • Bronze Fonz
    • Gertie the Duck
    • Wisconsin Cheese Mart
    • Third Space Brewing
  • Where to eat in Milwaukee
    • The Wicked Hop
    • Milwaukee Public Market
    • Cafe Benelux
    • Oak Barrel Public House

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Map of Breweries and more in Milwaukee, WI

Click the interactive map below!

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Where to stay Milwaukee 

Brewery Tour in Milwaukee probably has the widest selection of budget (and luxury) accommodations in the world. In our experience, they consistently found the cheapest rooms. We also like their easy to use interface and no money down policy. When we book our travel stays, we personally use

Milwaukee is a relatively compact city and everywhere we went was about a 5-8 minute car ride, a 10-minute scooter ride, or a 20-minute walk.

Centrally Located – Hyatt Regency

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency since it was centrally located and was in the middle of the breweries we wanted to visit (see the map above for reference). We have stayed at several Hyatts before this one was just as nice. 

>>>>Book your stay here now!

Unique stay – Brewhouse Inn and Suites

This old brewhouse was renovated for a hotel! Talk about going all in on a beer weekend in Milwaukee. Located directly across from Pabst and a block away from MKE Brewing, this hotel is a nice choice on the outskirts of the city. 

>>>>Book your stay here now!

Homewood Suites By Hilton Milwaukee Downtown

If being central and being near a food hall is your kind of place, then look no further than Homewood Suites. Just a block off the water and near the Milwaukee Public Market, this hotel is a good suite option for in the city.

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Slightly south – The Iron Horse Hotel

Located in the southern end of the city, this hotel is walkable to a distillery and a handful of breweries. Known for it’s modern and chic room décor, the rooms are spacious and they are pet friendly.

>>>>Book your stay here now!

You can stay practically anywhere in this boxed area for a weekend and be in a great location for experiencing everything.

>>>For a full list of hotels in the area, CLICK HERE.

For your self-guided brewery tour in Milwaukee, being in the box above would just make it easier to get to the places so we suggest this area for easy access.

Day 1 

Please please please drink responsibly. We did this across several hours, hydrated at every stop, and used Uber/Lyft to get around. Do NOT drink and drive.

Lakefront Brewery 

Milwaukee lakefront outside

Consistently ranked as one of the top brewery tours in the country, Lakefront Brewery is a great place to start your self-guided brewery tour in Milwaukee.

We arrived at 11 AM for our 12 PM tour to grab a base layer of food before starting our adventure. 

If you know us, we drink responsibly and in this case, we were “Drinking Wisconsibly” by starting with a large helping of fried cheese curds (supposedly some of Milwaukee’s best cheese curds – we won’t argue), a sausage flight (yes, it’s a thing – but probably only in Milwaukee), and a side of more cheese (in the form of mac and cheese).

Eating is key before a day of drinking!

lakefront brewery food milwaukee

When you check-in for the tour, you are given 4 beer tokens (good for a 6 oz. pour each) and a plastic cup that can be traded in when you leave for a pint glass – I guess they know that brewery tours and drinking means broken glasses.

Our advice for token usage: 1 token to drink with your lunch, 1 token to refill your cup before the tour starts, 1 token to have during the tour for a mid-tour refill, and 1 token for after. 

The tour itself only takes about 45 minutes with a brief break in the middle for a refill. There are no bathrooms on the tour so be sure to empty your bladder before it begins.

With tons of jokes (some cheesy and some mildly inappropriate, but hilarious) sprinkled in among the historical information about Lakefront, the Milwaukee beer scene, and the brewing process, this tour is worth every penny! 

1,100 pennies to be exact, or if you prefer to pay in dollars, $11 ($12 if reserved online in advance, which is highly recommended). 

Milwaukee lakefront inside

Fun facts: This iconic Milwaukee brewery was the first brewery in the US to bottle a fruit beer since Prohibition (brewed a cherry lager in 1992), produced the first certified organic beer in 1996, and produced the first gluten-free beer after successfully petitioning the US government to allow their New Grist to actually be called beer since it did not contain the previously required 25% malted barley content. 

A whole lot of firsts….naturally, it had to be our first stop on our self-guided tour.


Good City Brewing

good city stop 2 - brewery tour in Milwaukee

Good City Brewing has two convenient locations for this self-guided brewery tour in Milwaukee.

Their original location is located in the East Side of the city while their downtown location is – you guessed it – downtown, right across from the Fiserv Forum, Milwaukee’s main sports arena.

From Lakefront, we hopped on some scooters and a quick 10-minute ride later, we made it to the East Side location.

Milwaukee good city beer flight

When you step inside of the taproom, you’ll immediately feel like you’re part of the brewing process as you can see the exposed tanks and piping right behind the bar. 

Saddle up to the bar and have some of their mainstays like the Motto pale ale or the Spare Time hazy IPA.

If you’re really feeling frisky, grab the Audacity, a 10.4% rum and port barrel-aged Belgian quad.  It’s just as flavorful and powerful as it sounds!


Eagle Park Brewing

eagle city - stop 3 brewery tour in Milwaukee

While we don’t plan everything around highly-rated beers on Untappd, when doing some recon, we couldn’t help but notice the numerous great reviews Eagle Park was receiving for their beers. 

Scootering over from Good City, we arrived just before they opened at 3 PM and were surprised (not surprising after we tasted the beer) to see a line of about 20 people already waiting to get in the doors.  

Once inside, we scurried to the bar for a prime seat and watched the craziness unfold.  Most of the early arrivers went straight to the back where they could pick up to-go cans of that day’s new release. 

We found out later that they have a pretty incredible, and exclusive, beer club (by paid membership only) so the craziness made a little more sense. 

In addition to the beer club, we were absolutely blown away by the beer and had to indulge in 2 flights.  Not scootering around town anymore (remember, drunk scootering is dangerous and illegal) was totally worth drinking 3 more of these beers! 

eagle city brewery Milwaukee beer flight

This sought-after Milwaukee brewery reminded us of breweries like The Veil (Richmond, VA) or Angry Chair (Tampa, FL). 

The beers are explosive with flavor and we were left wanting more with every sip, but with more on the Milwaukee beer agenda, it was quitting time. 

Whomp whomp.  

Highly suggest their Bahama Mama sour, the Tropical Slush sour, the Vegan Pineapple Upside Down Cake milkshake IPA, and the No Snickity No Stout.  Really, just try as many of their beers as you can.


Dead Bird Brewing

dead bird brewery milwaukee

Started in 2015 by two college roommates who literally found a dead bird in an aluminum pot in an attic (hopefully they didn’t brew beer in that pot…), Dead Bird just opened its first taproom in the Brewer’s Hill neighborhood of Milwaukee. 

Considering Lakefront and Eagle Park are nearby, we’d say it’s a good name for the neighborhood.

Prior to opening the taproom in September 2019, Dead Bird produced its beer through a contract brewery where one of the owners was a brewer. 

Today, Dead Bird beer is still produced at nearby MobCraft Brewery (see below), a crowdsourced brewery, but the plan is to eventually add a pilot system on site.

dead bird stop 4 - brewery tour in milwaukee

Having just opened and not producing beer on site, the Dead Bird options are somewhat limited right now (6 when we were there), though they do have several guest taps. 

However, the Wine Thief, an Imperial Belgian Wit with Sauvignon Blanc grape, was delicious and a different take on beer. Grab a flight, some popcorn, and enjoy the numerous arcade games in the taproom.


Water Street Brewery

Water Street Brewery

Water Street Brewery opened in 1987, staking claim to being Milwaukee’s first brewpub. Water Street has four locations in Downtown Milwaukee, Grafton, Delafield/Lake Country and Oak Creek.  

To be completely honest, the beer here didn’t blow us away, but all of the beers we got in our flight were refreshing and they have something here for every type of beer drinker.

They have several house brews on tap (including a Bavarian Weiss and an Oktoberfest – how traditionally German of them) as well as various seasonals, all of which are brewed at each particular location.

If you’re on the self-guided brewery tour, now is the time to eat. 

Water Street also boasts an impressive collection beer and brewing artifacts, including thousands of beer cans arranged in displays, beer taps, neon signs, and other brewery-related knick-knacks.  

BONUS: SafeHouse

safehouse Milwaukee

If you’re looking for something fun and unique, if not altogether touristy, head to SafeHouse.  Located just down the alley from the Bronze Fonz and in a relatively unmarked building (below 3 flags and behind the door faintly marked International Exports), SafeHouse is like a speakeasy on the outside, and anything but a speakeasy on the inside.  

You’ll need to know the password to get in, otherwise you’ll have to do something corny (think “do your best ninja move” or something similar) to prove you’re there for a good time! 

Even better, the entrance is shown on CCTV inside the bar for everyone to see (though no one seemed to be watching at all).  

Once inside, you’ll feel like you’re in a spy movie. 

All the employees call you “Agent” and act as if you’re a spy, all the drinks are spy-themed (and a little expensive), and the actual bar/restaurant itself has numerous rooms to mill in and out of while trying to find answers to various spy clues.  

safehouse Milwaukee 2

Being our last stop of the night and because we finally had some food in us, we opted for two of the spy-themed cocktails and roamed around all of the rooms looking at all of the spy memorabilia. 

I’m sure we were interrupting people while they were eating dinner, but they didn’t seem to mind as this place was sensory-overload!

When you’ve completed your mission and are ready to head out, you can go out the secret exit in a phone booth if you wish, but it’ll cost you $1.  Or just go out the way you came in, though a spy never leaves the same way he/she came in.

If you really want the password to get in and loathe doing something silly, google is your best friend.

Day 2 

Great Lakes Distillery

Great Lakes Distillery, the first distillery in Wisconsin since Prohibition, is located about a mile south of downtown Milwaukee in Walker’s Point (about a 10-minute ride for scooter-fanatic Samantha). 

The folks here are using local ingredients and old-world methods to create their high-quality lineup of spirits.  

Numerous varieties of vodka, gin, liqueur, whiskey, rum, brandy, absinthe, and various seasonal spirits are all available for you to sample and/or in one of their many cocktails. 

Great Lakes’ spirits have won numerous awards at prestigious competitions, including the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.    

MobCraft Beer Brewery and Taproom

mob craft brewery - day 2 brewery tour in milwaukee

Just down the road from Great Lakes (no scooters needed this time), you’ll find something very unique.  MobCraft Beer Brewery and Taproom: the world’s first crowdsourced brewery.  

What is a crowdsourced brewery exactly? 

Well, each month, MobCraft sources ideas from the crowd (duh) for the next batch of craft Milwaukee beer. 

People from all over the country/world can submit ideas (anything from flavors to a full-fledged recipe).

The good, and realistic, ones are voted on each month on the website. 

FYI, your vote is actually you placing a pre-order for the beer you want brewed. From there, it’s pretty simple, at least on paper: the beer with the most votes wins and is brewed, packaged, and available for pickup at the brewery.  Such a cool concept!

mobcraft Milwaukee

Even with the ever-rotating recipes coming through, they still do have some flagships, including Bat$h!t Crazy (coffee brown ale), Low pHunk (sour ale), and Vanilla Wafer Porter, among a few others.    

Broken Bat Brewery

For a city whose baseball team is literally named the Brewers, it should come as no surprise that there is a baseball-themed brewery in the Historic Third Ward.  

Located in a cozy basement with sightlines into the compact brewery operations, Broken Bat Brewery cleverly names all of its beers after something baseball-related, like Straight Chedd (apricot pale ale), Golden Sombrero pilsner, and the Darryl (a strawberry kettle sour).  

If you’re a baseball nut like Chris, you’ll enjoy the baseball references.  If you’re not (like Samantha), you’ll just enjoy some good beer!

Pabst Milwaukee Brewery & Taproom

pabst sign Milwaukee

Our next scooter ride was a little bit longer (a little over 1.2 miles), but we figured this would be our last brewery hopping day, so Samantha wanted to get the most out of it.  In reality, it was only about 15 minutes, but it was more like 120 years as we moved from new-age to the oldest of old-school. Pabst. 

Although the modern-day Pabst Brewery closed its Milwaukee facility in 1996, and is now brewed by MillerCoors, beer historians (and anyone who reads this) know that the original Pabst Brewery was actually located on the site of Milwaukee’s first German Methodist church, which Captain Pabst bought from the church in 1898.  

pabst Milwaukee

Today, located on these same grounds that Captain Pabst once roamed, Pabst Milwaukee Brewery & Taproom is bringing us back an entire century to the lore of Pabst Brewing Company. 

A relatively small brewery, Pabst Milwaukee has all your stalwart Pabst beers like PBR, of course, Old Tankard Ale (extra special bitter), and Andeker (Helles lager), but also has craft beer from this century like a mango sour and a few different IPAs. 

Instagrammable because of the beauty of the historic building and the huge neon “Pabst” sign on the ceiling, this is a great place to go back in time and stay in the present all at once!

Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery

pabst and chris brewery tour in milwaukee

Just a hop, skip, and a jump down the road is where you’ll find a more historical nod to Pabst Brewing:  Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery

While it might sound like a funny name, it’s actually Jacob Best Sr., who established the original brewery in 1844, hence the “Best”. 

As we mentioned, the Pabst brewery was closed in 1996 dealing a huge blow to Milwaukee beer, but since Best Place has opened, it has done its “best” to rekindle the charm and history of this place.

Pabst brewery tour in milwaukee

You can take a tour for $10, which includes one beer, and you’ll see many of the old offices that were used in the old days and hear all about the history of the brewery. 

If you’re not a history buff or short on time, just grab a beer in the little tavern and munch on some pretzels. Make sure you snap the obligatory pictures in each courtyard with Captain Pabst himself and King Gambrinus, a legendary European culture hero celebrated as an icon of beer.

Milwaukee Brewing Company

Milwaukee brewery co beer tour

Having had enough of the historical beer, we teleported back to present day walked maybe 300 feet to Milwaukee Brewing Company, affectionately known as MKE Brewery. In our opinion, this is another must-do brewery tour in Milwaukee.

If you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck, look no further that the tour at Milwaukee Brewing Co.

The tour is $12 per person and comes with 2 hours of unlimited beer, a beer token to use at another restaurant, AND a free pint glass. 

mke beer Milwaukee

We will say it again for emphasis, UNLIMITED beer. This is why we couldn’t do the initial route we had planned.

This tour doesn’t take you through the actual brewery like most tours, but gives you a lot of information regarding the history of beer in Milwaukee and beer production in general. 

mke brewery tour Milwaukee

Overall opinion, it’s worth it for the unlimited beer for 2 hours and the glass is really cool. You can start drinking 30 minutes before the tour begins and there is a refill station on the tour so you can maximize your unlimited beer sampling.

We were lucky enough to snag a couple of walk-up spots on a tour, but we suggest booking in advance here

We highly suggest you eat at the restaurant here. This tour definitely should NOT be done on an empty stomach.


Old German Beer Hall

As we alluded to, Milwaukee has deep German roots which is very evident by the architecture of the buildings downtown.

According to the Encyclopedia of Milwaukee (who knew that was a thing?), “Milwaukee is the most German of major American cities, and Germans have constituted Milwaukee’s largest immigrant group.

The city’s brewing industry, tradition of ethnic festivals, built environment, and history of working-class politics all display the influence of the German immigrants who arrived in especially large numbers during the half-century following 1850.” 

sam and old german beer hall

Well, The Old German Beer Hall embodies the spirit of Germany and represents the tradition of Munich’s legendary Hofbräuhaus, complete with the traditional Hofbräu beer in large liters – perfect for guzzling and cheersing (Prost!). 

You can also partake in a game that we’ve only ever seen at NASCAR tailgates. We call it “Stump” here in the South (Hammerschlagen in Germany and Milwaukee), but the idea of the game is to hit a nail into a massive tree stump with a hammer (which is thankfully attached to a chain).

We didn’t play this time around due to the large amounts of alcohol we had consumed already, but it’s available if you are sober-er.

Day 3 – Sightseeing and 1 more brewery 

Bronze Fonz

fonz chris Milwaukee

The statue, or the Bronze Fonz as it’s called, is located on the Riverwalk and is a quick stop on your way to SafeHouse or just on a stroll around the river.

The 1970s TV show “Happy Days” took place in Milwaukee and the statue was commissioned to help bring tourism to the city in 2008 with the show’s cast present at the unveiling.

Stop by for a quick picture and give your best thumbs up!

Gertie the Duck

gertie Milwaukee
Milwaukee gertie

Samantha has an unusual obsession with aquatic birds (aka ducks) and she insisted on this next stop. 

A little backstory: In April 1945, a journalist reported that a mallard duck, Gertie, was nesting on a wood piling under the Wisconsin Avenue bridge.

With a total of nine eggs, Gertie stayed atop her nest despite hundreds of daily visitors stopping on the bridge to check the progress of the expectant mother. Mother’s Day cards began arriving for the mallard, the Boy Scouts formed a Gertie Patrol, and a Wisconsin Humane Society officer was even stationed to watch the brood.  

For 37 days, public interest continued to grow for Gertie and her nest.  She was featured in Life Magazine and even had a front-page story in the United Kingdom’s Daily Express.

Reader’s Digest even ran a story on Gertie entitled “The Duck That Made Milwaukee Famous”.

Despite multiple setbacks – flooding, storms and small pilings catching fire – Gertie and 5 of her ducklings survived and were put on display in a nearby department store window, where more than 2 million visitors peered in to see the famous feathered family.

The ducks were later relocated to the Juneau Park lagoon on Milwaukee’s lakefront.

If that isn’t the most adorable story, they commemorated Gertie and her ducklings in numerous statues on the Wisconsin Avenue bridge and surrounding Riverwalk.

Just one block over from the Bronze Fonz, make sure you stop and see this 4-foot tall Milwaukee icon that was a symbol of hope during the dark days of World War II. 

Wisconsin Cheese Mart

The Wisconsin Cheese Mart is a must-do in this cheese-crazed town. Located in the heart of downtown and across the street from all the bars on Old World Third Street, you will find a cheese shop which, according to their website, has been the world’s largest selection of Wisconsin cheese since 1938. 

Some fun facts:  There are over 35,000 dairy farms selling milk in Wisconsin (almost 2 million cows producing about 14,000 pounds of milk each year)….that equates to a lot of cheese. 

In fact, about 74% of this Wisconsin milk is used in the production of cheese.

2 billion pounds of cheese every year, that is, or 30% of the nation’s total cheese production! 

With more than 250 varieties, types, and styles of cheese available at the Cheese Mart (many of which you can sample!), this is a no-brainer stop on your visit to Milwaukee. 

If you buy cheese, they even provide you with an ice pack to keep it cold while traveling, and will provide a travel cooler if you purchase a certain amount.

Third Space Brewing

third space brewery tour in milwaukee

Situated a few minutes west of Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward, Third Space Brewing is helping the resurgence of the downtown corridor of Milwaukee. With a spacious outside beer garden and large indoor seating area, this brewery was a great final stop on our way to the airport.

Third Space has a good mix of sours, pale ales, and barleywines to try. 

In 2018, Third Space won a bronze medal at the Great American Beer Festival in the Imperial IPA category for Unbridled Enthusiasm Juicy Double IPA. 

They are the first of the numerous Wisconsin breweries to win a medal at this festival for an IPA!

They also just won a silver medal for Unite the Clans in the Rye beer category at the 2019 festival, the third year in a row that this beer was awarded a medal. 

Where to eat in Milwaukee 

The Wicked Hop

bloody mary wicked hop in milwaukee

When you know it’s going to be a long day of drinking all the Milwaukee beer and spirits, a hearty brunch is always a good start. 

Located in the Historic Third Ward at the corner of Sunday Brunch and Bloody Mary (not really, it’s actually St. Paul & Broadway, but the sign outside says otherwise), The Wicked Hop boasts some very good food and one of the best Bloody Marys in Milwaukee.

You’ll find most of your traditional brunch favorites here (eggs benedict, French toast, chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy, breakfast burritos) but the real star is the Bloody Mary. 

Complete with a peeled shrimp, beef stick, kosher dill pickle, mozzarella cheese whips, a portabella mushroom, a Spanish green olive, and a Lakefront Riverwest Stein beer chaser, this spicy Bloody is a meal in itself! 

Milwaukee wicked hop brunch

We aren’t the biggest fans of Bloodys (gasp, we know), so don’t consider us connoisseurs by any means, but this Bloody has won “Best Drink in Milwaukee” for 4 straight years.  That’s gotta be good for something.

Milwaukee loves its brunch and loves its Bloody Marys even more, so look around for others which might tickle your fancy.  Some of them are really out there!

We were told to head to Sobelmans, but ran out of time before we made it there – guess we’ll be back!


Milwaukee Public Market

public market Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Public Market is located directly across the street from The Wicked Hop and was a perfect opportunity for us to walk around for a few minutes and let our brunch and Bloody settle.  

Here’s just a sample of the types of vendors you’ll find at this bustling market: coffee, Thai, Mexican, fish, olive oil, soups, salads, pizzas, vegan options, bakery, chocolates, cheese shop, wine shop, and even a tap truck just outside pouring the delicious Milwaukee beer. 

Guaranteed that you can find something here! Once you do, head upstairs to eat while looking out over the organized chaos below. 

Café Benelux

Milwaukee cafe benelux

This was one of Samantha’s favorite spots due to its Belgium-themed menu and beer selection. With over 40 pages of craft beer on the menu, Café Benelux is an excellent (and massive) place to find a good beer and eat some great food.

We opted for brunch food and we were very satisfied with our choices. Samantha’s current go-to for brunch food is Eggs Benedict and she was incredibly happy with her selection. 

Chris, ever the beer and cheese lover (even more so when they are mixed), chose the ham and beer cheese omelet.


Oak Barrel Public House

We had worked up a massive appetite at this point and wanted to use our beer token from MKE brewery. Oak Barrel is a whiskey and craft beer bar and restaurant a few doors down from The Old German Beer Hall. 

After our liter of beer, we stopped in for our free (and much more manageable) pint of beer and dinner. While this meal was a little fuzzy (and every picture was blurry), in memory that is, we both enjoyed what we ordered. 

Overall – Self-Guide Brewery Tour in Milwaukee, WI

fonz and sam beer milwaukee

If you’re planning on visiting Brew City and creating your own self-guided brewery tour in Milwaukee, remember to pack your drinkin’ shoes.  While the big brewers like Pabst and Miller are mainstays in the Milwaukee beer scene, craft beer is alive and well here and crafting new favorites with old world twists.

With such a short time in the city, we know we missed a lot. 

Frozen custard is definitely a Milwaukee thing as Milwaukee has the highest concentration of frozen custard shops in the world, but we just didn’t have enough stomach space (or time) to make it to one of these shops.  

Also, while at the airport on our way out, we made sure to indulge in a Wisconsin-style Old Fashioned, which is your typical Old Fashioned, but with brandy instead of whiskey. 

Chris really enjoyed it and will be making these again at home. 

All in all, we had a great weekend and enjoyed some fantastic Milwaukee breweries and beers. We highly suggest a weekend getaway to Milwaukee (or longer if you have the time). 

P.S.  Although it might seem like we overindulged, we were always drinking Wisconsibly.  We did this self-guided tour at a reasonable pace, shared flights and drinks, drank water at every place, and ate frequently. 

We used scooters to get around early in the day, but after a few stops of drinking, Uber/Lyft or our own two feet were our only modes of transportation.  

Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive (this includes scootering). 

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