The 5 best Cooperstown Breweries in New York

Everyone knows that the great Babe Ruth liked his booze, so it only makes sense that Cooperstown, in addition to the pageantry of baseball all around, would have a vibrant booze scene too.  And let me tell you, you will not run out of alcohol in this one stop light town especially when it comes to Cooperstown breweries. 

Putting it nicely, Cooperstown is a small town with a big drinking problem – and by problem, we mean options. The locals will joke with you about it, but they don’t mess around when it comes to partaking in adult drinks. 

We are sure there are some great hiking trails to explore, however, we chose to drink at the Cooperstown breweries instead.

Short on Time? Here are the key takeaways:

  • Despite what Yelp tells you, there are truly only 5 breweries near Cooperstown
  • None of the breweries are actually IN town, so plan your ride accordingly so you can indulge in the great local beer
  • In our opinion, don’t miss Red Shed Brewery or Brewery Ommegang

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This post was originally posted in August 2018, but has been recently updated in June 2023.

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Map of Booze in and near Cooperstown

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For a good look at the various options in and around Cooperstown, you can download the map for the Cooperstown Beverage Trail and get free stuff at all the places you visit. 

1. Brewery Ommegang 

Ommegang - breweries in Cooperstown, NY
  • Hours:
    • Sunday: 10PM – 7PM
    • Monday- Thursday: 12PM – 7PM
    • Friday: 12PM – 10PM
    • Saturday: 12PM – 7PM
  • Food Available: Yes
  • Drive time from downtown Cooperstown: about 10 minutes (6 miles)

First up on our list for Cooperstown Breweries in the infamous Brewery Ommegang, known for their selection of Game of Thrones beers from the hit HBO TV show. As the largest brewery in Cooperstown, this is a must do stop in our opinion.

With an expansive outdoor patio and grassy fields, as well as a massive bar, Ommegang is sure to please all palates with the several beers on tap (19 when we were there) and plenty more varieties in cans and bottles.

Flights are for 4 beers. Good luck picking! 

Because we couldn’t pick just 4 beers, we impulsively did 3 flights (and deeply regretted this decision – a large portion of their alcohol is 7% ABV or more).

2. Red Shed Brewery 

Red Shed Brewery - Cooperstown, NY
Red Shed Brewery - breweries in Cooperstown, NY
  • Hours: Daily from 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Food Available: Yes
  • Drive time from downtown Cooperstown: about 10 minutes (5 miles)

Less than 2 minutes from Brewery Ommegang, Red Shed Brewery is a relatively new brewery, debuting at this location in November 2017 (there is another tasting room in Cherry Valley, just northeast of Cooperstown).

Situated in the middle of a field, Red Shed lives up to its name and offers a large variety of their own beers, other beers from local breweries, and even wines from some of the local wineries.

This brewery offers a relaxed atmosphere with a large outdoor section lined with beautiful string lighting. You can build your own flight for $2.50 per tasting.

Non-Red Shed beer tastings are $3 each and the local wine from nearby Pail Shop Vineyards is $8 a glass.

We really enjoyed this stop and would suggest visiting if exploring some Cooperstown breweries.

3. Cooperstown Brewing Company 

Cooperstown Brewery in New York
Cooperstown Brewery in New York
  • Hours:
    • Friday & Saturday: 12:00-9:00pm
    • Sunday – Thursday: 12:00-7:00pm
  • Food Available: Yes
  • Drive time from downtown Cooperstown: about 15 minutes (9 miles)

Located about 6 miles (or 15 minutes) south of Main Street, Cooperstown Brewing Company has a great vibe. Life-size Connect Four, cornhole and other various games will keep you busy while you enjoy their 7 beers named for various baseball terminology. 

With indoor and outdoor seating, this place is a must.  If you can’t make it out here, the Cooperstown Beverage Exchange will have a few beers on tap as well as in bottles. 

Flights are $5 for 5 beers, $5 pints, and $3 for a 7oz pour.

4. Council Rock Brewery

  • Hours:
    • Tuesday – Thursday: 11:30 AM – 8:00 AM
    • Friday: 11:30 AM – 8:30 PM
    • Saturday: 11:30 AM – 8:00 PM
    • Sunday & Monday: Closed
  • Food Available: Yes
  • Drive time from downtown Cooperstown: about 8 minutes (4 miles)

Council Rock Brewery is a quaint little place where you can get your hands on some handcrafted brews and fill your belly with hearty food. They’ve got ten house brews on tap that go great with their Friday fish fry. But hey, it’s first come, first served, so don’t be tardy.

If you’re into the whole “no frills, low key” vibe, this is the spot for you. With affordable prices on their flights (5 beers for just $9.50), it’s a good stop in for some easy drinking beers.

5. High Burl Brewery

  • Hours:
    • Wednesday – Sunday: 12 PM – 6 PM
    • Monday – Tuesday: Closed
  • Food Available: Yes via food trucks only
  • Drive time from downtown Cooperstown: about 20 minutes (13 miles)

Located on a farm , Highburl Brewery is a craft brewery with a unique story. They started as a family-run operation, born out of a passion for brewing and a love for their community with their mission is to create high-quality, handcrafted beers that reflect the local spirit and flavor. With a focus on using locally sourced ingredients, they strive to support local farmers and businesses.

They explore new flavors and techniques offering a diverse range of beer styles, from classic favorites to innovative and experimental brews among their 8 taps. Supporting other local breweries, they have 2 rotating guest taps and they also offer wine for anyone who isn’t into beer.

Bonus stop: Cooperstown Beverage Exchange 

Cooperstown Beverage Exchange - NY
  • Hours:
    • Monday – Thursday: 3pm-9pm
    • Friday and Saturday: 3pm-10pm
    • Sunday: 3pm-8pm
  • Food Available: No

Located on Main Street, the Cooperstown Beverage Exchange focuses on promoting all local booze. As a sister bar / shop to the Cooperstown Distillery, you can swing in here for a cocktail or beer OR you can walk a few minutes to the actually distillery located on the corner of Railroad Ave and Leatherstocking Street. 

The Cooperstown Beverage Exchange offers the same selection of liquor as the distillery, as well as cocktails and local beer from Cooperstown Brewing Company and Red Shed Brewery.

On Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Day, the Beverage Exchange offers cocktails named for the players being inducted.   

Even better, what we think is limited to Induction Weekend only, you can walk the street with your drinks, so feel free to jump in, grab a drink, and continue moseying on down Main Street.

Did you hit a home run with the breweries in Cooperstown?

It isn’t hard to do – we did.  We absolutely loved this town and how friendly all the people are. These places aren’t the closest to one another so hire a taxi or designate a driver.

Because of our limited time in town, we didn’t get to hit all of the places on the trail, so make sure you plan out your stops wisely!

Don’t forget to see our guide for the Induction Ceremony here.

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