Top 12 Must Visits Bars in Grenada

Top 12 Must Visits Bars in Grenada

If you are like us (and who wouldn’t want to be like us?), when you think of the Caribbean, you likely picture fun in the sun, at a beach bar with a cold drink in your hand.

Having been to many of the Caribbean islands throughout our travels, that image is pretty much spot on!

Making sure you know where the top Grenada bars are located is high on your to-do list when visit so you can enjoy a drink with the view above.

Grenada, one of the Caribbean’s southernmost islands, is no different.  In fact, a 2014 report by the World Health Organization listed Grenada as having the highest alcohol consumption per capita in the Caribbean, and even in the Americas as a whole.

For the small and relatively obscure island, that’s quite the accomplishment in our books!

During our week-and-a-half long stay on the Spice Island, and in addition to our other activities, we consumed our fair share of alcohol at many of Grenada’s bars, including the iconic Rum Punch.

Don’t worry about what’s in it, just know that it will live up to its name after a few!

Read on below to see the can’t miss bars, restaurants, beach shacks, hotel resorts, distilleries, and breweries on the island of Grenada.

We stayed here at the Radisson Grenade Beach Resort. The service was incredible and it was perfectly located for all the restuarants and bar hopping!

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Map of Bars in Grenada

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1 – Esther’s Bar

Esther's Bar #6 Grenada
esther's bar drink w fam grenada

Esther’s Bar is located in the “Grand Anse Craft and Spice Market”, and the rum punch is a must have!

Tell her you are staying on the island, and the price will change from $8 EC to $5 EC.  Esther is heavy-handed, so be sure to enjoy slowly!

Esther’s bar is a great time but will sneak up on you if you drink too many.

2 – Radisson Grenada Beach Resort

Radisson Beach Bar in Grenada

Radisson Grenada Beach Resort is where we stayed for our vacation, and there are 5 bars on the property (including one on the beach) to wet your whistle.

When you are here, seek out bartender and do-everything-employee, Timothy. His Rum Punch is always made with love and his smile makes it worthwhile.

3 – Umbrellas Beach Bar

Umbrellas beach bar grenada

One of the most popular bars in Grenada is on Grand Anse Beach.  Umbrellas Beach Bar is a great place to grab a drink up on the second floor deck and look out into the Caribbean Sea.

Very good food and decent drink prices, with different drink specials nightly.

4 – Savvy’s

savvy's bar grenada

Savvy’s is a restaurant and bar that is part of the Mount Cinnamon Resort & Beach Club. 

When asked the locals drink, the bartender told us, “Rivers” – a local rum made by River Antoine Rum Distillery.

The bottle states “Slightly Overproof Rum”, which should have been a warning, but Chris just had to try the local drink.  Slightly overproof is right!!

This rum is so potent, it’s considered a combustible liquid and not allowed on airplanes.

5 – La Plywood

la plywood grenada beach bar

La Plywood is just as it sounds – it is literally a bunch of plywood nailed together.

However, this Grenada beach bar boasts a fantastic view of Morne Rouge Beach, which the locals call BBC Beach. Beers are 2 for $5 US.

If you’re hungry, make sure to try the fresh fish tacos!

The top photo on this post is the view from this beach bar.

Parking can be tricky around here so make sure that you are prepared to walk down a hill to get to this beach!

6 – Laluna

laluna-grenada bars

Only affordable at happy hour, Laluna is a luxury boutique resort on the other side of Morne Rouge Beach.

To get to the bar, you have to walk down a steeply sloped road.

If you have any mobility issues, consider getting dropped off down at the bottom and meeting your party inside.

A secluded beach will await you with soft sand, and during the summer, a great sunset!

7 – Clark’s Court Distillery

clark court distillery grenada

For just $2 US, you get to tour Clarke’s Court Distillery and can sample all 15 of their rums.

Yep, just $2 US! 

While it’s not technically a bar, it will kill some time when looking for what to do in Grenada – a perfect rainy day activity.

The Chocolate Amaz-in rum is a must-try and one of Samantha’s favorites. They also sell airplane bottles, which are great gifts to give to those back home and perfect for those not checking luggage. 

Get them here because they are terribly expensive in the airport.

8 – Prickly Bay Marina

Prickly Bay Marina Grenada bar

Prickly Bay Marina is a restaurant and bar located in the Marina and hosts game nights several times a week, including trivia and bingo.

Good food as well. This isn’t located on a beach, but has great views of the marina across the way.

With a stage area, this bar in Grenada was always busy when we visited and had live music and DJs as well.

9 – Dodgy Dock

dodgy dock

Appropriately named, Dodgy Dock is restaurant and bar that literally has a dock that should be dodged as it is floating and never seems to be flat. 

The restaurant is located at the boutique True Blue Bay Resort near the southern tip of the island. 

A great happy hour and nightly food themes! Make sure you hit up happy hour and try their buffet.

It has local dishes that highlight all the local spices on the island.


10 – Aquarium


Located on the tip of Magazine Beach, Aquarium is a secluded beach bar at the base of Maca Bana resort.

To get here, you will need to walk down the hillside hotel or drive down a steep (not really paved) hill to Magazine Beach and walk. 

Magazine Beach was one of our favorites for the seclusion.

11 – Grenadian by Rex Resorts


This resort has 3 bars, but the best bar, called Traders Bar, is located on top of a cliff with an unobstructed, 180-degree view of the sea.

A bit pricey, but worth the view and the hike to get there.

It’s a solid 5 minute walk from the front desk or a 5 minute walk up from Magazine Beach.

12 – West Indies Beer Company

west indies beer co - what to do in grenada

Nearing the southern tip of the island is L’anse Aux Epines (“The Bay of Thorns”), where you’ll find the only brewery on the island.

West Indies Beer Company offers 15 beers and 4 ciders on tap, and is huge inside with a wrap-around bar serving as the divider between you and the brewing machines.

They have a good variety to choose from, including ciders, IPAs, wheat beers, porters, tripels, lagers, and ales….pretty much every type of beer is represented!

They also have a full liquor bar as well if beer isn’t your thing.

When looking for what to do in Grenada, this place is equipped with plenty of activities for both sunny and rainy days: a dartboard, a pool table, and a sizable patio area with the infuriatingly-addicting ring toss game.

With good food on-site, and the various games and activities to keep you busy, you could spend an afternoon here and have a great time. We know because we did!

Try your luck at the ring toss game and see if you can beat Samantha’s record of 4 tries.

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